EVGA's 6-GPU PSU For Mining Will Fuel Your Hate for Crypto

EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 M1 Mining
(Image credit: NewEgg)

Update: The original listing for the PSU is sold out. It is available from another seller on NewEgg here for $330 instead. Original Article below:

Using GPUs for mining cryptocurrency, especially Ethereum, is currently witnessing an intense flare-up, and manufacturers are coming out with all sorts of devices to make it easier. In that light of that, EVGA's new power supply is just what you need to set up a lavish mining rig, packing a 1300 W power rating and including cables for up to six GPUs, as spotted by Vortez.

Of course, EVGA isn't being loud about the launch -- there was no announcement or press release. Rather, the unit just appeared on NewEgg, seemingly out of nowhere, but I guess this is logical: companies that come out with mining hardware aren't exactly popular right now. The PSU also isn't listed on EVGA's website either.

The power supply comes with an 80-plus Gold rating, is fully modular, and has all the protection mechanisms we'd expect from a modern power supply including over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, and a few more.

EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 M1 Mining

(Image credit: NewEgg)

The actual 12V stable power output is rated at 1296 W, which is not a figure to scoff at. Included cabling comprises a single 4+4 pin cable for the CPU (because mining rigs don't need much CPU power), an ATX power cable, and some molex and SATA power cables. 

Meanwhile, it's not exactly clear how many GPU cables the power supply comes with. Newegg's page suggests twelve 6+2 pin and six 6-pin power cables for your GPUs, but the image shows six cables with a 6+2 pin and 6 pin configuration -- either way, enough for six GPUs.

The included warranty is surprisingly good with 3 years on parts and two years on labor -- I'd have expected less given that buyers of this power supply are likely to run it at near-full power much more than most PSUs conventionally would.

The PSU is currently in stock for a price of $330

Does This Mining Craze Upset You Too? You're Not Alone

Of course, this is all bad news for gamers, who would rather not see crypto reach these levels of popularity and want the ability to purchase graphics cards at somewhat normal prices. The GPU situation was already bad before the new crypto bubble, and this makes matters even worse.

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  • Mr5oh
    To be fair most PSU of this size are labeled for multi GPUs. In fact if you look at all of EVGA's PSU's in this size in the 1300-1600 range, they will be labeled for 6-9 GPUs. This just happens to come in a mining box I guess? Personally I'd go hop on EVGA's wait list, or a authorized retailer for any of these any ways if I was in the market. Third party sellers can be a risk / hassle.
  • enewmen
    I don't mind using GPUs for non-gaming applications. But I think there are much better uses than mining for all that computer power that can make the world better, such as folding at home.