EVGA Updates Peripheral Lineup With X3, X5 Mice

EVGA TORQ X3 gaming mouse

EVGA updated its lineup of TORQ gaming mice with four new models: the X3, X3L, X5, and X5L. The new models bring EVGA's mouse roster to six different models, which should give gamers more options, especially when it comes to buying peripherals on a budget.

All four models are ambidextrous, support up to five different button profiles, and feature eight buttons. However, they differ from the X10 and X10 Carbon models because the new mice don't allow for adjustable weights and height. Additionally, only the X3 features a red LED light, while the other models still have the RGB LED. The X3 and X3L models feature Omron keys with a lifespan of 10 million clicks, while the X5 and X5L mice have Omron keys that have a lifespan of 20 million clicks.

The big differences between the four models come down to the sensors and max DPI. Both the X3 and X5 have optical sensors — the Pixart 3090 and the Pixart 3998, respectively, while the X3L and X5L feature the Avago 9500 and the Avago 9800 laser sensors, respectively. In terms of max DPI, the X3 has 4000 DPI, the X3L has 5000 DPI, the X5 jumps a little higher to 6400 DPI, and the X5L greatly surpasses the other three models with 8200 DPI.

Both the X3 and X3L will only cost $39.99, but the X3L is an exclusive at Best Buy. The X5 is a little pricier at $49.99, and the X5L is the most expensive of the four at $59.99. Even with the variations in sensor type and max DPI, the price difference between the X3 and X5L is a mere $20, so even those on a budget don't have to pay a lot to find the right mouse for their gaming needs.

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