Too Late: 'Fallout 4' Pip-Boy Edition Back In Stock (And Quickly Sold Out) At Bethesda Online Store (Updated)

The highly anticipated Fallout 4 is coming in less than a month, and one of the most sought-after versions of the game is the Pip-Boy Edition, which is back in stock at the Bethesda online store.

The package contains a metallic case for your game disc, a poster of the game's various character perks, a Pip-Boy guide, and the most valuable item —the replica of the actual Pip-Boy itself, which also includes a stand and a capsule case. The entire thing will set you back $120, or the same price as two copies of Fallout 4. (That's before tax, of course.)

Aside from being a collector's item, the Pip-Boy replica can also work as a second-screen experience to go with the game. Players can insert their smartphones into the replica and use it to manage the inventory, select quests, or listen to various tapes left behind, all via an app that will launch alongside the main game. The Pip-Boy works with various smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 and the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s and 6.

In June, Pete Hines, the company's vice president of public relations and marketing, stated on Twitter that the factories assigned to make the Pip-Boys were allotted a certain number of the devices to manufacture. After that, production would cease. However, those factories would decide when their finished versions of the Pip-Boy would be made available. It seems that one or two factories held off on the initial wave of pre-orders so that Bethesda could have one final sale week before the launch of Fallout 4.

Update, 10/19/2015, 9:45 am PDT: Unfortunately, it's all sold out. Then again, you can probably find one on eBay for a ridiculously high price. 


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  • nycalex
    LOL at this article

    i'm sure those basement dwellers already snatched them up to flip them at ebay.

    and there's always an idiot that buys them on ebay.
  • dstarr3
    Bethesda knows exactly how much hype they have on their hands with this game. They deliberated manufactured so few. I'm surprised they didn't charge more.
  • Thorfkin
    I really do wish game companies, especially Bethesda, would change their production policy regarding collectors editions. Currently game companies produce collectors editions in limited quantity. I can only assume it's either because they believe the limited quantity will add value for those who don't intend to open the box, or because they just can't find a manufacturer able to produce the volume they need. Regardless, this approach creates a serious scalper problem. Scalpers tend to buy as much of the limited quantity stock as possible and then resell it for an unreasonable markup. I bet at least half of those pip-boy editions will show up for sale on sites like Ebay. It's my opinion game companies should commit to producing enough collectors edition games to meet demand within a set period of time, say 3 months. I can't think of a better way to reduce the feeding frenzy that inevitably happens around every popular game launch.
  • nitrium
    Juts look at those prices!:
    A very easy way to double or even triple your initial "investment". I just can't fathom why anyone would want to strap a piece of cheap bulky plastic to their wrist, but I guess that's just me.