Win 'Rogue Legacy' From The Tom's Hardware Community!

Come in, sit down, join us in our grief. Mighty No. 9 was supposed to come out this week, and we were all ready for some platforming action. Alas, it has been delayed, so we need to feed our hunger for some side-scrolling action another way.

We have you covered. This week we're giving away four copies of Rogue Legacy! It mixes the side-scrolling platform action we've been craving with a mix of randomly generated levels and a system of heirs that makes sure your family continues your adventure after your lose your lives.

That family happens to have a series of unique characteristics and some genetic traits. Maybe your character is colorblind! Maybe they have vertigo or ADHD. Or maybe they're a giant! These traits may make your game difficult, but also present some unique powers. You'll never play it the same way twice.

To enter, go to our contest thread in the forums and tell us what your favorite platformers are. That's it!

The contest will run until 12 PM EDT on Friday, September 18. That's 12:00 noon. Winners will receive their prize via Steam gifts; a Steam account is required to receive and to play the game. One entry per user. Winners will be selected randomly from among eligible entries. Attempts to cheat the system will result in automatic disqualification.

Go here to enter! Good luck!

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  • Larry Litmanen
    Favorite Platformer? Mario, Sly Cooper, Rathet and Clank, i guess Trine 1 and Trine 2.

    Too many to chose from.
  • codo
    trying to wonder why the name stood out. oh yeah, I have this game. a great little platformer. also worth checking out is castle in the darkness
  • BrandonYoung
    Rogue Legacy is amazingly fun, deep, and challenging.