G.Skill Releases SO-DIMM DDR3 Ripjaws Performance RAM

G.Skill has launched its SO-DIMM DDR3 Ripjaws performance memory which is targeted towards enthusiast and performance laptops and aims to deliver "good performance without the cost of battery life and high temperature."

The new Ripjaws series memory runs at 1.35 V, comes in a choice of two frequencies with fairly standard timings of 10-10-10-32 at 1866 MHz and 9-9-9-28 at 1600 MHz and will be available in a variety of kits ranging from 4 GB (1 x 4 GB) to 16 GB (2 x 8 GB).

G.Skill's SO-DIMM DDR3 Ripjaws RAM are 100 percent validated by an "in-house torture test," backed by a lifetime warranty and competitively priced when compared to its competitors, namely the Corsair Vengeance and Kingston HyperX series.

  • patrick47018
    This is pretty cool
  • mikeangs2004
    xmp 1.4?
  • BulkZerker
    Where's the oversized omg led blinkering heatsinks?!
  • s3anister
    This is good news, more competition in the mobile memory sector is always nice.