Galax GeForce RTX 3090 Ti HOF OC Labs Edition Hits Chinese Media

Galax GeForce RTX 3090 Ti HOF
(Image credit: Galax)

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti already resides quite comfortably at the summit of consumer graphics card performance, particularly if you like to play your games with real-time raytracing effects. However, there are always graphics card partners looking to grab the halo from such a product for their own marketing ends. Today momomo_us spotted a third party pictorial extravaganza showing off such a graphics card from all angles – the glistening white Galax GeForce RTX 3090 Ti HOF OC Labs Edition Limited Edition.

We first became aware of the RTX 3090 Ti HOF OC Labs Edition back in April, when its bright white PCB was shared by an overclocking enthusiast and Twitter user based in Japan. We knew some aspects of the design and features, like the PCB's 24+4 phase VRM and two 12-pin power connectors that can theoretically deliver up to 1200W. This spec is quite an upgrade on the reference card with its 18+3 phase VRM and either a single 12-pin power connector or a trio of 8-pin connectors (for up to 450W). We also learned of the custom XOC BIOS and got our first glance of the custom waterblock.

In today's pictorial from EXPReview, we don't get much extra in the way of technical details, nor the all-important pricing and availability info. However, we do get plenty of third-party pictures of the product, along with the full range of accessories and packaging. Because sharing other sites' exclusive images is a no-no, without permission, please check out some official Galax imagery below. If the source allows it, we will update our gallery with some additional images in due course. The only major things missing from our gallery are  photos of the packaging and custom waterblock, which are exclusive to the OC Labs Edition.

Galax has fitted its gleaming white RTX 3090 Ti PCB with a triple spinner cooler, as standard. The outer fans are 10cm and the middle one is 9cm in diameter. This constitutes what Galax calls the 'white phantom cooling system', alongside a multitude of fins and heatpipes. EXPReview says that the fans support intelligent stop/start, and there's a button on the IO bracket to engage full fan power.

The white fans are embedded in a white shroud, and this design wraps around the back, as well as the end of the graphics card. On the IO bracket there are three DP1.4 interfaces and one HDMI2.1 interface, as well as some sizable cutout vents and the aforementioned turbo fan button. This is a multi-function button which can also be used to toggle the RGB lighting of the card and some status lights. Another switch on the body of the card toggles the BIOS between performance and silent modes. The twin 12-pin power connectors are on the top rear of the card.

The riches of the Galax GeForce RTX 3090 Ti HOF OC Labs Edition box received by Chinese tech media outlets like EXPReview don't end there. As well as the triple fan graphics card and all its charms, the package contains the following:

  • A matching white custom made HOF waterblock from cooling specialist Bitspower
  • The HOF Panel III full-color display with built-in kickstand for real-time system monitoring, or use as a photo frame (connects via USB data cable)
  • An aRGB motherboard cable
  • Replacement thermal pads in various sizes and thicknesses
  • A GPU support structure hewn from aluminum
  • An OC Labs dogtag, in case your remains are hard to recognize after an overclocking mishap
  • Washers, standoffs, ties, etc.

As mentioned previously, we don't have pricing and availability for the Galax GeForce RTX 3090 Ti HOF OC Labs Edition as yet. With Galax turning up the PR machine and distributing the cards to media, perhaps we'll see it launch in a week or two. Pricing is going to be steep, with a regular GeForce RTX 3090 Ti priced in the region of $2,000, we'd guess this limited edition could easily be $3,000-ish.

Those interested in Nvidia's fastest gaming graphics card should take a look at our GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Roundup: Go Big or Go Liquid. We also published an extensive review of the Asus TUF GeForce RTX 3090 Ti in mid-April.

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