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Galaxy Shows Single Slot GTX 750 Ti, 6GB 780, 2GHz LC

The biggest news in graphics at Computex (arguably) didn't come from a high-end card or top US brand, but instead from a company that many of us think is second tier. Then again, Galaxy is much bigger in other parts of the world.

And the card? The long-awaited single-slot GTX 750 Ti Razor. Get ready to pack that system folks; this one uses the standard 750 Ti specs with a wide-but-thin cooler that saves you half the slot space.

That's not to say the company wouldn't put on a show. Also present was its record-breaking GTX 780 Ti HOF V20. Its oversized 16+3 phase voltage regulator isn't news by now, nor is its EKWB-made custom water block, but the O/C is nonetheless impressive.

A week old according to some reports, the Galaxy GTX 780 HOF 6 GB was still fresh enough to sit up-front on Galaxy's stand. Though the extra performance of 6 GB remains dubious to most gamers, it really comes in handy when using 4K-displays and SLI.

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Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.