Galaxy Shows Single Slot GTX 750 Ti, 6GB 780, 2GHz LC

The biggest news in graphics at Computex (arguably) didn't come from a high-end card or top US brand, but instead from a company that many of us think is second tier. Then again, Galaxy is much bigger in other parts of the world.

And the card? The long-awaited single-slot GTX 750 Ti Razor. Get ready to pack that system folks; this one uses the standard 750 Ti specs with a wide-but-thin cooler that saves you half the slot space.

That's not to say the company wouldn't put on a show. Also present was its record-breaking GTX 780 Ti HOF V20. Its oversized 16+3 phase voltage regulator isn't news by now, nor is its EKWB-made custom water block, but the O/C is nonetheless impressive.

A week old according to some reports, the Galaxy GTX 780 HOF 6 GB was still fresh enough to sit up-front on Galaxy's stand. Though the extra performance of 6 GB remains dubious to most gamers, it really comes in handy when using 4K-displays and SLI.

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  • de5_Roy
    if you squint real hard, you can also make out the presence of revolutionary new DDR5 vram that partly makes this single slot gtx 750ti real.
    ....or may be just a typo... :P
  • Shad0wguy
    I really dig the white PCBs. More companys should do that.
  • balister
    Little too late in the game to be coming out with a 6GB version of the 780Ti considering we should be seeing Maxwell x80s in the November/December time frame (which will hopefully come with 3GB or even 4GB base). If Galaxy had come out with the 6GB version 3 or 4 months ago, it would have been something to think about, not so much now with Maxwell on the horizon.