GEEEK A1 Mini-ITX Case Goes Up For Pre-Order at $20

Mini-ITX case specialist GEEEK has put up its latest A1 mini-ITX case for pre-order at the company's online store. The A1 case will have a final price tag of $29.90 but if you preorder the case now, it will only cost $19.90. If you're a recurrent customer, the A1 can be yours for a special price of $14.90.

Credit: GEEEKCredit: GEEEK

The GEEEK A1 comes in with dimensions of 208 x 208 x 87mm. The case itself doesn't come pre-assembled. You'll have to put it together piece by piece, which gives building your PC a new meaning. The case's construction consists of an aluminum frame that's perfectly complemented with smoked, acrylic side panels. The design is kept to a minimum with only a single 16mm blue power button on the front panel. As you would expect, the A1 only houses mini-ITX motherboards, and there is absolutely no room for a graphics card.

Cooling options on the A1 include four fan mounts, two on the top and two on the bottom of the case. You have the option to install up to four 50mm or 40mm fans as long as their thickness doesn't exceed 10mm. When it comes to storage, the A1 accommodates two 2.5-inch SSDs or hard drives. Due to the lack of space, you'll need a special Pico PSU to get your system up and running.

Credit: GEEEKCredit: GEEEK

Liquid cooling is out of the question with the A1. There is only enough clearance space for CPU air coolers with a maximum height of 50mm. Fortunately, the A1 supports Intel's stock cooler and AMD's Wraith Stealth cooler so you're not forced to spend extra on an aftermarket cooling solution. However, we could see the Noctua NH-L9i or Cryorig C7 fitting in the A1 just fine.

GEEEK notes that the A1 is still in development so the final product could vary a bit. The company hopes to start shipping out orders on August 31.

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  • AnimeMania
    Doesn't look like they left room for a graphics card.
  • Lutfij
    A case that costs 20USD has near twice that in terms of shipping to an USA address. I don't see how this is a cost effective chassis or build platform. For about the same you get a full featured mitx chassis that has support for watercooling and large platter based drives.

    I'll pas son this one since this has nothing special about the chassis design. Other itx chassis of this form factor have a lot more going for them.
  • Spectre4444
    Doesn't look like they left room for a graphics card.

    GEEK puts up the brand's latest A1 mini-ITX case for pre-order at a special price of $19.90. GEEEK A1 Mini-ITX Case Goes Up For Pre-Order at $20 : Read more

    Other issues are 10mm fans seem to be eithter pure crap or just not available, and more importantly the case is shown with a Ryzen mini ITX motherboaard- I can not seem to find a suitable pico ATX power supply that would power a Ryzen 2200g /2400g. I am sorry, love the idea but this case has way too many issues even at $20.