Genius Gaming Peripherals in White Hit the U.S.

Image: Genius

Just in time for the holidays, Genius has released a new batch of GX Gaming peripherals all dressed up in white, including the DeathTaker, the Imperator Pro and the GX-Speed. This will be their North American debut, creating a "zone of cool" that may remind gamers of the chilly winter weather outside this season.

For starters, the GX Speed White Edition is a new soft gaming mouse pad specifically designed for the DeathTaker White Edition gaming mouse. This pad is reportedly thinner and larger than the previous model, and the natural rubber base gives a stronger surface grip that will not slip. Specifically, the pad measures 450 x 370 mm and is just 3 mm thick. Trim overstitch edges provides anti-fraying and durability.

Next up is the DeathTaker White Edition, a nine button precision gaming mouse with up to 5700 dpi. This device has X/Y axis independent dpi adjustments that enable more flexible modifications. There's also a weight adjustment system that enhances mouse control at high speed. Other features include a switch lifecycle up to 8 million, on-board memory, a noise level (click button) of less than 50 dB, and a 3u gold-plated 1.8m braided USB cable.

Finally, we have the Imperator Pro White Edition. This gaming keyboard has 17 NKRO to prevent missed key presses. There are also six independent macro keys (of up to 18 macros), two USB ports, a polling rate up to 1,000 Hz, a key switch life of 10,000,000 cycles, a 16 million RGB backlight system, on-board memory, and a 3u gold-plated 1.8m braided USB cable.

"Both the DeathTaker and Imperator Pro White Edition are equipped with a full speed CPU and built-in memory to prevent macro settings from being blocked in-game," reads the company's press release. "This gives gamers a 1ms boost in response time, or about 8 times quicker than without. They come with a pure white no tangle braided cable with gold-plated USB connector. The white theme is made even more distinctive by the 16 million RGB backlight system. Each unit can be programmed to your unique color needs, matching or contrasting your case and components precisely."

Pricing and actual availability wasn't given, so head here to know more about Genius and its GX Gaming products.

  • fimbulvinter
    You know there is a good reason that everything went from that old computer beige to black that these guys apparently missed.
  • itsnotmeitsyou
    "Just in time for the holidays..."

    I would say 3 business days is cutting it a little bit close...
  • Nuck Chorris
    Keyboard feature: Color change, turns yellow in one or two weeks.
  • chulex67
    So... im eating chettos......