Gigabyte AORUS 17G 17YE5 Laptop Appears with Alder Lake Processor and DDR5 Memory

Intel Alder Lake
(Image credit: Intel)

According to a new test submission, Gigabyte, one of the biggest PC hardware makers, is preparing to adopt the next generation of Intel processors codenamed Alder Lake. VideoCardz spotted a UserBenchmark test submission that reveals an AORUS 17G 17YE5 laptop with a mobile Alder Lake processor.

Alder Lake is a codename devoted to Intel's 12th-Gen Core processors. Not only does the 12th-Gen lineup bringing microarchitectural improvement to using the heterogeneous approach of big and small cores for maximum efficiency, but we're also seeing a shift where manufacturers are moving to DDR5 memory.

An unknown user submitted an entry to the UserBenchmark software, revealing details about Gigabyte's AORUS 17G 17YE5 laptop with an Alder Lake processor inside. Unfortunately, the benchmark score is abnormally low, indicating either that the benchmark didn't run fully, the system isn't tuned, or the test software isn't enumerating the hybrid processor correctly. 

The laptop comes equipped with a 14-core processor running with 20 threads, but those 14 cores are split into 6 'big' cores with hyper-threading (HT), while the remaining 8 are 'small' cores that lack HT capabilities. It's clear that the CPU represents an early engineering sample, as the frequency at which it is running is very low. Base speeds run at the modest 1.2 GHz, while the boost clock reaches up to 1.75 GHz. It is still unclear what cores were detected by the benchmark.

Additionally, this next-generation system came packing the newest DDR5 memory standard; more precisely, a 16GB DDR5 SODIMM clocked at DDR5-4800. This is one of the slowest DDR5 implementations, so we are indeed looking at an engineering sample system that has the potential to be much faster once it hits the market.