This is Gigabyte's Super Overclock GTX 680 With 5 Fans

We've shown you Gigabyte's Windforce 3X card before based on the Nvidia GeForce GTX 680. Now at Computex, we found the Gigabyte GV-N680S-2GD packing a cooler with five fans.

As seen in the pictures, it's a triple slot design that uses five small fans and a metal cover to shape airflow across the card. Air is drawn through the heatsink and blown upwards, not pushed onto the board for what is "Anti Turbulence Cooling". Cooler feature include nine 6mm copper heatpipes plus a king-size vapor chamber cooler. According to Gigabyte, this can dissipate up to 500 Watts of heat.

The fans appear to be independent from one another too. In 2D mode, the card will be silent with all fans idle. With increasing load, individual fans will turn on.

As for the GTX 680 itself, it'll be built on a 2 ounce copper PCB with Japanese solid capacitors, ferrite core metal chokes and 8 phase GPU digital power regulation. No clock speeds were given, but it will come with a factory overclock and OC Guru II overclocking software. Gigabyte says to expect 8.5% better performance than the reference card.

It will be available in the July 2012 to Q3 time frame.

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  • Pyree
    +1 more fan. :)
  • This is becoming like the razor blades of 10 yrs ago.....3blades, no 4 blades, no 5 blades, etc.

    any bets on fan count in 10 years?
  • s3anister
    Obviously I haven't heard the card but don't small fans tend to be ridiculously loud?