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Gigabyte Rolls Out New X570, B550 Firmware For AMD Ryzen 4000 APU Support

Gigabyte B550 Aorus Master

B550 Aorus Master (Image credit: Gigabyte)

AMD's Ryzen 4000-series (Renoir) processors are coming soon to a AM4 motherboard near you. Gigabyte's latest X570 and B550 firmwares, which are available for download, explicitly state support for "New Gen AMD Ryzen with Radeon Graphics processors", which is a subtle way to refer to Renoir.

Now that AMD has taken the lid off of the Ryzen 3000XT processors, motherboard vendors around the globe have launched new firmwares to accommodate the new Zen 2 chips on their X570 and B550 motherboards. Regardless of the brand, the latest firmware features AMD's AGESA Combo-AM4 v2 microcode, so it's safe to assume that all the firmwares support the next-generation Ryzen 4000-series APUs but only Gigabyte mentions it specifically.

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Gigabyte Firmware With Ryzen 4000 Support

Gigabyte Firmware With Ryzen 4000 Support (Image credit: Gigabyte)
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Gigabyte Firmware With Ryzen 4000 Support

Gigabyte Firmware With Ryzen 4000 Support (Image credit: Gigabyte)

Manufacturers receive microcodes in advance to prepare motherboard firmwares for looming processors. On this occasion, the AGESA Combo-AM4 v2 microcode appears to be tailored for the recent Ryzen 3000XT-series chips as well as the future Ryzen 4000-series APUs.

The big takeaway from Gigabyte's firmware is that the Ryzen 4000-series chips could be right around the corner. It lends credence to the the rumor that AMD could be planning to launch the Zen 2 APUs in July. If we look at the current Ryzen 3000-series (Picasso) APUs, AMD launched the mobile and desktop versions last year in January and July, respectively. Old habits are hard to ditch so it wouldn't shock anyone if AMD unleashes desktop Renoir next month.

  • DZIrl
    My biggest problems with Gigabyte are:
    BIOS update mostly deletes settings and older ones are not usually compatible with new version. It looks in Gigabyte never heard of migration
    No info what is changed in BIOS. If new BIOS brings only update for XT and 4000 then makes no sense to updateBTW, Gigabyte software is crap! One of biggest crap I ever seen.