Win 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain' From Tom's Hardware Community!

It's an exciting week for fans of Metal Gear Solid. Hideo Kojima's latest (and likely final) entry in the series, Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, drops on Tuesday!

To celebrate, we're giving a copy of the game away on our forums, along with its prequel, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes!

We're sure that many of our readers love this series, but there will be many folks approaching the series for the first time. Or maybe you're a fan of the series but just don't understand what's going on. We can't blame you -- "confusing" and "convoluted" are great ways to describe the MGS narrative.

To enter this week's contest, we need you to explain the plot of the MGS narrative. Go to our contest thread in the forums and let everyone know exactly what the heck is going on. Be creative, be funny, be interesting or be truthful. It's up to you! But be warned, this week you'll be judged by a jury of your peers.

If you like someone's summary of the story, give them an upvote! Whoever has the most upvotes will win the package. (Don't use the downvote function. That may lead to disqualification!).

Here in the office, we'll pick our favorite, too, and give them a copy of Ground Zeroes.

The contest will run until 12 PM EDT on Friday, September 4. That's 12:00 noon. Winners will receive their prize via Steam gifts; a Steam account is required to receive and to play the game. One entry per user. Attempts to cheat the system will result in automatic disqualification.

Go to our contest thread to enter and vote! Good luck!

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  • JonPeyton
    I am a MGS newbie as well.I actually got the game for free when I bought my Gigabyte 980 the other day.
    I wasn't so confused as I was scared out of my f*!^g mind due to the graphic nature of the title (expected) but more so because besides the GTX , I also dropped a Devils Canyon 4790 K into a beautiful White Rosewill Thor then tossed my existing 32gigs of Gskill 2400s onto a new Gigabyte Gaming 5 MOBO-and Ive never EVER seen video game NPCs look so real in my gaming life (and that's most of the whole of its life lol).
    Im really more of a laid back RPG man now (bought the rig for Fallout4) but this game is superbly done.My character got under his bed to hide and I was damn glad,lol.