Sapphire Adds Fusion and Xtend TV

Normally not a company to pull any punches, Sapphire made an exception by saving its latest motherboard and graphics products for its assault on CES.

The Pure Fusion Mini E350 features AMD’s low-power E-350 dual-core CPU with integrated Radeon HD 6310 graphics.  That should make it perfect for small, heat-restricted cases.

Anyone with more performance-oriented media-center needs may look no further than its Radeon HD 5570 Xtend TV graphics card.  Featuring a new digital tuner from Mirics, Sapphire caters to the same market that has always loved ATI’s on-and-off-again All In Wonder cards.

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  • kewlx
    Cool I guess but got to say I am more enthusiast than that :D
  • bluekoala
    I wonder if this HTPC hardware can run Source engine games. Add Steam, dosbox and emulators and this is a homebrew console.
  • the_krasno
    It should be able to play source games on low res and detail levels.