G.Skill Pyramid PC Has Core i9-13900K Running at 7 GHz, RAM at 10,000 MT/s

G.Skill Pyramid PC
G.Skill Pyramid PC (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

G.Skill has announced many new DDR5 memory kits to rival the best RAM. But even more interesting is a custom pyramid PC running on liquid nitrogen that’s present to brag about the company’s overclocking feats.

Computex 2023 isn't just a place to exhibit new products. Some vendors, such as G.Skill, are heavily invested in the event and hold mod contests and overclocking competitions. At its booth, the company showed off a transparent pyramid-shaped system that's the product of its collaboration with Intel, Asus, and Elmorlabs. It's designed to demonstrate the prowess of Intel’s latest 13th Generation Raptor Lake processors, Z790 platform, and DDR5 memory.

The build features a Core i9-13900K, an Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Apex motherboard, and a single Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-8000 memory module. Feeding off liquid nitrogen, the Core i9-13900K was running at 7 GHz, while the DDR5-8000 memory module hit 10,000 MT/s. Unfortunately, the current world record is 11,201 MT/s, so G.Skill didn’t shatter any world records on this occasion. Nonetheless, it was still an impressive show of overclocking prowess by the overclocking team.

Similar to what the company did with its DDR4 lineup, G.Skill has given the Trident Z5 the royal treatment. The new Trident Z5 Royal Elite series features a lavish-looking heat spreader with crystal and pyramid patterns. In addition, the memory looks worthy of a king. 

Meanwhile, the Trident Z5 Royal series sticks to the vanilla design but has a mirror-liked finish. The Trident Z5 Royal Elite and Trident Z5 Royal lineups will be available in gold or silver trim. G.Skill didn't reveal any specifications but told us that the new DDR5 memory kits would hit the retail market in the third quarter of this year.

G.Skill also expanded some of the brand's existing DDR5 memory portfolios with new color themes. The Trident Z5 RGB was previously limited to a metallic silver or matte black heat spreader. G.Skill showed off two new options: silver or gold heat spreader with a shiny and reflective surface. Meanwhile, the Trident Z5 Neo RGB, which caters to AMD platforms, will debut in white color.

There were many high-end DDR5 memory kits on display. Some of the more notable offerings include a DDR5-8800 and a DDR5-8000 with a capacity of 48GB (2x24GB) memory kit and a CAS Latency (CL) of 40.

G.Skill has been expanding to new horizons over the last couple of years. At this year's event, the company demoed the MD1, a spacious mid-tower case that can house graphics cards up to 40cm, CPU air coolers up to 17cm, and up to two 360mm radiators. The motherboard support list includes form factors spanning from mini-ITX up to E-ATX. In addition, the MD1 case features a mesh front panel for improved airflow and a tempered glass side panel to display your hardware.

Regarding AIO liquid coolers, G. Skill had a few at the booth. The 360mm are as eye-catching as the brand's Trident Z5 Royal Elite with vibrant RGB illumination and crystals. Unfortunately, it would seem that the AIO liquid coolers don't have an official name yet, but one of the cooling fans has a sticker with the "G.Skill Royal Wind" moniker. So it's uncertain if that's the name of the AIO or just the cooling fan. The AIO liquid cooler will launch in the third quarter in white and black flavors.

Maybe one of the most intriguing products we saw at the G.Skill booth is the WigiDash, a seven-inch touch display connecting to your system via a USB-C port. The display lets you monitor your system's vitals. The WigiDash definitely has an Android vibe to it. G.Skill has developed different widgets supporting a comprehensive list of applications, including HWiNFO, AIDA64, Spotify, Twitch, etc.

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