G.Skill Launches Golden RAM with DDR4-5333 Speeds

Trident Z Royal Elite
Trident Z Royal Elite (Image credit: G.Skill)

G.Skill's Trident Z Royal family just welcomed a new member. The Trident Z Royal Elite retains the same luxurious aesthetics as its predecessor and will contend for a spot on our list of the best RAM.

The Trident Z Royal Elite, which is available in both gold and silver colors, features the same polished alumimum heat spreader as the vanilla Trident Z Royal. However, G.Skill has revamped the design a bit. The heat spreader on the Trident Z Royal Elite flaunts a gorgeous crystalline pattern that does justice to the crystalline RGB light bar. According to G.Skill, the new heat spreader is product of 76 chiseled facets.

While the outside looks different, the Trident Z Royal Elite is manufactured with the same recipe as G.Skill's other high-end offerings. The memory comes equipped with a 10-layer PCB for stability and hand-picked memory ICs (integrated circuits) for the best performance.

G.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite Specifications

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Data RatePrimary TimingsVoltageCapacity
DDR4-533322-32-32-521.60V2 x 8GB
DDR4-506620-30-30-501.60V2 x 8GB
DDR4-480019-28-28-481.50V2 x 8GB
DDR4-426616-19-19-391.50V2 x 16GB, 2 x 32GB
DDR4-426619-26-26-461.50V2 x 16GB
DDR4-400016-19-19-391.40V2 x 16GB
DDR4-400018-22-22-421.40V2 x 32GB
DDR4-360016-19-19-391.35V2 x 8GB, 2 x 16GB, 4 x 16GB

G.Skill isn't tailoring the Trident Z Royal Elite portfolio to slower memory frequencies. The memory starts at DDR4-3600 and peaks at DDR4-5333 to rip through even the most taxing RAM benchmarks. Capacity will depend on the memory frequency of your choosing, but generally-speaking, the Trident Z Royal Elite comes in densities between 16GB (2x8GB) and 64GB (2x32GB or (4x16GB).

Despite its high data rate, the DDR4-5333 memory kit comes with acceptable memory timings that are configured to 22-32-32-52. The memory kit is restricted to a 16GB (2x8GB) capacity though and pulls 1.6V, which might scary many users.

The DDR4-3600 memory kit is the only one that arrives with a 128GB (4x16GB) capacity. The memory kit sports 16-19-19-39 timings, but only requires 1.35V so there's definitely overclocking headroom.

The Trident Z Royal Elite supports XMP 2.0 so users can just flip a switch to get the memory to run at its advertised speed. As is the norm with G.Skill products, the Trident Z Royal Elite is backed with a limited liftetime warranty.

G.Skill didn't reveal the pricing for the Trident Z Royal Elite memory kits. However, we'll know very soon as the memory is scheduled to hit the retail market next month.

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