New 'Hitman' Game Set For March 11 Release, Will Include Intro Pack For $34.99

Last week, IO Interactive announced that its reboot of the Hitman franchise was delayed until March 2016 to provide more content at launch. The developers are taking a different approach to this current iteration in the series by only making a small portion of the full game available at launch, with the rest of the content popping up in the following months. Now, the team is revealing not only a timeline for the content, but also pricing for different versions of the game.

At the top of the list is a definitive release date. We knew that it was coming out sometime in March, but now we know the exact date: March 11, 2016. Starting November 2015, players can pre-order the Intro Pack of the game for $34.99, which will contain all of the content set for release in March. This includes six campaign missions, three sandbox locations (Paris, France; Sapienza, Italy; and Marrakesh, Morocco), and 800 targets in the "Contracts" mode. Weekly content, which includes limited-time targets set by developers and promoted content from the community, is also included.

At the end of March, those who bought the Intro Pack will continue to get weekly content and Contracts for the initial three sandbox areas. However, they will miss out on three new sandbox levels set for consecutive release in April, May, and June, new campaign missions, and even more Contracts targets. To get all of this they can buy access to the full game for an additional $29.99.

Those who feel confident about buying the full game at $59.99 can pre-order it now to get access to the beta on PlayStation 4 or PC. There is no beta planned for Xbox One.

The creation of the Intro Pack is a sound move, considering that some consumers are skeptical about the fact that the full game won't be available at launch. This way, they can see if the first month's offering is worth an extra $29.99 upgrade. If not, they can walk away knowing that they didn't pay full price for a game that didn't deliver to their expectations.

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  • clonazepam
    I won't be supporting this. They just want to boost their numbers before the end of the fiscal year before actually having a complete product for that year. Besides that, I doubt it'll be worth as much to me anyway. Sorry for negativity ;) I should go finish the last one, but I keep getting distracted.
  • Somasonic
    I just don't get the model, it's like it's DLC but if it's the single player campaign (among other things) being released later then they're just holding back the core game...? I don't think I can get behind this either. I've always had a love/hate relationship with the Hitman games so I guess this is the one I finally say no to.
  • dstarr3
    Just more anti-consumer pre-order wank designed to embarrass an incredible franchise. First Deus Ex, now Hitman. And it'll just keep getting worse until people stop pre-ordering.