HP Explains Why It Is Selling Windows 7 Again

There's no doubt that Microsoft caused quite a commotion when it launched Windows 8 in October 2012. Many opinions in the press have made the change seem somewhat apocalyptic, especially where desktops are concerned. Sure, Windows 8.1 cleaned up the place a bit, but there are a vast number of people still clinging to Windows 7 and even the decaying Windows XP like a life preserver.

So enter Hewlett-Packard, or HP for short, who has decided that, thanks to popular demand, it should sell a number of PCs with Windows 7 installed. Although Microsoft pulled the plug on retail sales back on October 30, 2013, OEMs can still sell machines with Windows 7 pre-installed until a date that's yet to be determined.

So the next question is: Why sell Windows 7 PCs at all? The answer, according to HP, is dead simple -- choice.

"We like giving our customers the option to get the computer that's right for them," reads the company's blog. "For some folks, that's Android. We've got everything from 2-in-1 detachables like the SlateBook x2 to the giant-sized Slate21 All-in-One."

"And, yes, some people still want to run Windows 7 on their computers," continues the blog. "We want people to be happy with our computers – whichever option they choose – BUT WE ARE NOT DROPPING WINDOWS 8."

Point made. The blog also points out that HP has five machines with Windows 7 installed with a Windows 8 option, whereas the company has several dozen machines that only offer Windows 8.

So there you go; it wasn't much of an explanation other than HP wants to provide a choice. And perhaps Microsoft gave the green light, knowing that OEMs are struggling in a declining PC market. For that matter, it wouldn't be surprising to see other OEMs like Dell and Acer give in to "consumer demand" and launch a number of Windows 7 products.

Given the choice, which OS would you pick, and why?

  • alchemy69
    Rule no.1 in running a business is give the punters what they want.
  • nitrium
    Here in New Zealand you see many laptops in stores with Windows 7 pre-installed, with an option to for Win 8 if you want it. This is nothing new. If they didn't sell, they wouldn't do it. It's that simple. Clearly many customers have been asking "can I get it with Windows 7?".
  • portentous
    I guess that point is, learning-curve with Windows 8 and the "Start button" aside, is Windows 8 missing something that Windows 7 has?For desktop computing, Windows 7 provides a more familiar interface. Windows 8 is more for laptop/hybrids (suddenly there are so many choices). Only if MS didn't confuse the issue further with Windows RT. Microsoft's next move to combine Windows RT and Windows Phone OS seems to be a logical one, putting it more in line with the AndroidOS and iOS. Indeed there are so many choices.My choice is Windows8 for my desktop and laptops (has been the case since its launch) though it hasn't been smooth but I can't honestly say any of the previous versions of Windows were smooth starting from Windows3... remember the days you'd need a different bootup disk for different software? We have Mac OSX (Maverick), it is good but doesn't suit my need (not that it is as problem-free as everyone thinks). The iPads are passed down to the kids and I like using my Surface RT (but it has been at the MS service centre since Christmas). I have the first Nexus7, bought it pre-launch, very temperamental and buggy, not sure why everyone likes it so much....
  • hotroderx
    I think this is a smart move by HP personally I have mixed feelings about Windows 8. The only thing I really don't like about Windows 8 is metro plane and simple. Its been said a million times Metro is just clunky on a non touch screen device. Given replacing metro is pretty simple there are a bunch of programs out there. I still feel kinda cheated that I have to use a 3rd party program to fix a software limitations that was purposefully introduced. If I was a normal non tech savvy consumer chances are I wouldn't know there are 3rd party applications out there to bring back my start button. Chances are if I did some of them can be little overwhelming to setup.
  • Nobody wants Windows 8. It is not a secret anymore. MS can't get to windows 9 fast enough now.
  • fractal123
    I won't use Windows 8, 8.1, or any PC OS designed with a focus on touching a large-size computer screen (or requiring keyboard shortcuts to avoid touching the screen).In a desktop environment, I'm supposed to reach out and touch my large screen? That's absurd. Even if large monitors were touch-sensitive, I wouldn't want to grubby my screen, nor end up with the equivalent of carpal tunnel syndrome to my whole arm, from having to repeatedly raise and extend that arm. And I shouldn't have to use work-arounds to avoid that.Nor will I use any OS that tries to make me go to or through their ap store for added functionality.And while it was long-ago revealed that Windows likely had backdoors, most of us didn't really pay much attention. No more. For the future, I won't buy any OS that compromises my privacy via backdoors or other insecurities.Those things are all non-negotiable.
  • freedom4556
    I would get Windows 8.1. In my opinion, it didn't, "clean up the place a bit" but rather solved some of the most glaring usability annoyances, thus making Win 8.1 suitable as a daily driver. I use it on two machines here at the house, neither with touchscreens, but I do still have 7 on the spare tower (mostly due to AMD dropping driver support for <= HD 4xxx cards in 8.1) and on my laptop.

    8.1 has a much better thread scheduler and task manager and a much-updated file explorer and copy dialog. The right-click menu on the Windows button is handy. Is 'the interface formerly known as Metro' annoying? Hell yes, but, I never have to see it with all the options introduced in 8.1 enabled. I'm still excited to see them return more to the desktop paradigm in 8.2 or 9, including the ability to run Modern UI apps windowed and running more than 2 per monitor, but there's nothing that bad about 8.1. People will whine about anything.
  • rlirph
    I bought three desktops(for my family members) last year and all of them came with Windows 8. As soon as the desktop is set up I replaced Windows 8 with Windows 7 and every one loves it!
  • ddpruitt
    What's really interesting is that I know someone that bought a PC with Win8 on it a couple of weeks ago. He only figured out today that it was a touchscreen, and that happened to be while running Linux. Win8 touch optimized? Apparently not!
  • Jayballsack
    I do not like windows 8 I rather use my home PC with windows 7. Windows 8 is gimmicky and more of a hassle to use. If you work on your PC window 8 and the extra layers just slow you down!