Id-Cooling Ultra-compact Gaming Case Hits Computex

Barely as long as a typical "performance" graphics card, Id-Cooling thinks its SFX-T60 is the perfect solution for gamers who just can't get a small enough case for their LAN party rigs. We'll wait for the full specs and some performance data to make the call for ourselves.

Supporting a Mini ITX motherboard and double-slot graphics cooler, the SFX-T60 even has a vent at the front for graphics cards that vent at both the front and back. And if that doesn't scream gaming portability, perhaps the thick extruded-aluminum face panel will help.

A top drive cage holds a single 3.5" drive and a single 2.5" drive simultaneously, while the SFX power supply has been moved to the front of the case and turned sideways to keep cables out of the path of graphics cards. A short extension cable carries power from the outside of the rear panel to the internal power supply mount.

Pricing hasn't been set, as Id-Cooling is still hammering out the details for U.S. distribution. The SFX-T60 is expected to land on our shores in August.

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  • balister
    This looks to have a much better air flow than the Metis case did below.
  • Haravikk
    I think the ncase M1 is a lot better looking, I'm also dubious about its cooling; the M1 has vents on the bottom, top and side, with side venting probably offering the best performance if you can get a good CPU cooler to match, or use it as a radiator mount instead.
  • vmem
    difference between these cases and the Ncase M1 is that the Ncase more or less gave up ATX PSU in favor of SFX. sure the Ncase officially supports ATX PSUs, but it's 'not recommended', and will gimp the cooling capabilities of the case.

    honestly, for small form factor, I agree with the creators of the Ncase, when you're building a compact machine, why bother using a PSU that's practically the same size of your mobo and takes up over 1/3 of your case volume? the SFX PSUs from Silverstone will power everything you need