9th Gen Intel CPUs Go on Sale for Gamer Days

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Intel’s Gamer Days celebration is kicking off just in time for the Tiger Lake announcement tomorrow, which means new deals on Intel CPUs. You won’t find any of the newer Comet Lake chips in this sale, but if you’re willing to step down a generation, you can snag the still-excellent Intel Core i7-9700K processor for $299.99 (officially down from $409.99).

Of course, the Intel Core i7-9700K has been going for closer to $370 for a while now at various outlets, but given that this remains one of the best cpus on the market, $299.99 is still a great deal for it. In our review for the i9-9700K, it topped our VRMark benchmark and was near the top in our 3DMark benchmark, plus came in first or second place in almost all of our game benchmarks. On our GTX 1080-equipped test system, that meant frame rates like 116.6 fps in Civilization VI and 142 fps in Hitman, both games being on their highest settings.

was $409.99 now $299.99 on Amazon

 Intel Core i7-9700K processor: was $409.99 now $299.99 on Amazon

The Intel Core i7-9700K processor is a 9th gen Coffee Lake Intel processor that includes integrated graphics and that fits in LGA 1151 sockets. It is 14nm and has a 12MB L3 cache.

Performance like this is still plenty relevant, even with new CPU generations always looming on the horizon. Though, if you’d like to up your game even more, the Intel Core i9-9900KF is also currently on sale for $429.

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