Intel Core i9-10850K Avengers Edition Goes On Sale For $469.99

Intel Core i9-10850K Avengers Limited Edition

Intel Core i9-10850K Avengers Limited Edition (Image credit: Newegg)

As spotted by a Redditor, the Core i9-10850K Avengers Limited Edition, alias the Core i9-10850KA, has gone on sale for $469.99 at Newegg. To receive the $30 savings, you just need to apply the SLKDLS85 promo code at checkout. Could this be a future addition to our Best Gaming CPUs?

We recently reviewed the Core i9-10850K and found that it serves up identical gaming performance compared to the fastest gaming chip in the world, the Core i9-10900K. Based on the Comet Lake microarchitecture and built on Intel's 14nm process node, the Core i9-10850K features 10 cores, 20 threads and up to 20MB of L3 cache. Intel recently launched the Core i9-10850K as a viable option for consumers who desire near Core i9-10900K-like performance at a lower price point. The Core i9-10850K is no scrub though. The 10-core chip still flexes a 3.6 GHz base clock and a boost clock that easily hits 5.2 GHz via Intel's Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB) technology.

Intel Core i9-10850K: was $499.99, now $469.99 @ Newegg

Intel Core i9-10850K: was $499.99, now $469.99 @ Newegg

For $469.99, the Core i9-10850K is a very solid alternative to the Core i9-10900K with practically the same performance.

The spectacular packaging is only the eye-candy. The real icing on the cake is the included free PC copy of Marvel's Avengers gaming bundle that holds a $59.99 value. In addition to the game and dibs on the future DLC, the bundle includes in-game goodies in the shape of Intel-exclusive Hero outfits, including Black Widow's Star-Spangled Outfit, Hulk's Unbreakable Outfit, Iron Man's Relic Armor Outfit, Ms. Marvel's Insta-Fab Outfit and Thor's Dwarven Forged Outfit.

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  • mrv_co
    Clearly this game changer is stealing all of the thunder from the upcoming Zen 3 launch.
  • chickenballs
    That box alone is worth $500
    that is if you sell it on ebay in a few decades
  • johnwkuntz
    ...and it's already $499. If I have to spend that for a cpu to play games I'm going to quit playing games.