Intel Core i9-14900K Listed by UK PC Components Retailer

Intel RPL-R listings
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One of the UK’s largest specialist PCs and components retailers appears to have slipped up by publishing a product page for Intel’s Core i9-14900K processor. Momomo_us spotted the etailer blunder earlier today, and at the time of writing the headlining listing remained with its GBP £579 price (which includes 20% sales tax). If we take off the tax and convert it to dollars we get a price of USD $586. A day or two earlier Momomo_us had shared the GBP pricing information for the full Raptor Lake Refresh launch line-up – possibly from the same source.

Please remember that with leaks the prices we see might be an error, or simply placeholders. So take the price with a pinch of salt. However, let us look at what the leaked figures would mean, if genuinely representative of what is going to happen next week. Below is a table showing the UK’s Intel 14th Gen Core pricing with USD non-VAT applied equivalent prices.

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Intel processor

UK price with VAT

US Dollar Conversion

Core i9-14900K



Core i9-14900KF



Core i7-14700KF



Core i5-14600K



Core i5-14600KF



Please take the above pricing as a rough guide only. Intel doesn’t price things equally across regions with variations purely due to currency exchange rates.

Another interesting way to look at the UK prices isn’t just by converting them to non-VAT USD prices. One can also observe that the 14th Gen Core Raptor Lake Refresh processor pricing in the UK is not a lot higher than the current gen. If we look at the 14900K vs the 13900K at OCUK we see just an £8 increase (1.4%) for the new chip. At the other end of the pricing change spectrum, the new 14600KF is £21 more expensive (7.5%).

For yet more data points, momomo_us shared purported  Japanese Yen pricing for the full family of 14th Gen launch chips this weekend. A series of CPU carton leaks came from the same source a day earlier.

In September we also reported on a Canadian retail leak which indicated Raptor Lake Refresh pricing would be about 4% higher, on average. That was news offering particular relief as rumors of a 15% generational price increase were circulating at the time.

So, recent leaks have provided a few morsels of 14th Gen Core tech nourishment, but the full six-course meal is set to be delivered on an official silver tray by Intel a week tomorrow. Of course, you can expect our usual breadth and depth of coverage and reviews, separating the thoroughbreds in the new range from the also-rans, and more, so please stay tuned.

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