Intel Retires 6th-Generation Skylake CPUs

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Intel launched its 6th-generation Skylake processors back in August 2015. After a four-year run, the Santa Clara chipmaker is finally wheeling the 14nm chips into the retirement home.

Intel had already discontinued various Skylake models, including the Intel Core i7-6700K, Core i5-6600K, Core i5-6402P and Core i3-6098P, two years ago. It is a bit surprising how long it took Intel to retire the remaining Skylake CPUs, especially considering the chipmaker's 14nm deficit struggles.

According to the Intel Product Change Notification (PCN) document, OEMs and retailers can have until September 27 deadline to place their last orders. The final shipment date is March 6, 2020.

A total of 22 Skylake chips have reached the end-of-life (EOL) status. The retirees span from the entry-level dual-core Celeron parts up to quad-core Core i7 models.

Newly EOL 6th-Generation Skylake Processors

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Marketing NameProcessor#Product CodeS-SpecMM#Stepping
Intel Core i5-6400T ProcessorI5-6400TCM8066201920000S R2BS943464R0
Intel Core i7-6700T ProcessorI7-6700TCM8066201920202S R2BU943466R0
Intel Core i5-6600 ProcessorI5-6600CM8066201920401S R2BW943468R0
Intel Core i5-6400 ProcessorI5-6400CM8066201920506S R2BY943470R0
Intel Core i5-6500T ProcessorI5-6500TCM8066201920600S R2BZ943471R0
Intel Core i5-6600T ProcessorI5-6600TCM8066201920601S R2C0943472R0
Boxed Intel Core i5-6600 ProcessorI5-6600BX80662I56600S R2BW944461R0
Boxed Intel Core i5-6400 ProcessorI5-6400BX80662I56400S R2BY944464R0
Boxed Intel Core i5-6600 ProcessorI5-6600BXC80662I56600S R2BW944473R0
Boxed Intel Core i5-6400 ProcessorI5-6400BXC80662I56400S R2BY944475R0
Intel Core i3-6320 ProcessorI3-6320CM8066201926904S R2H9945192S0
Intel Core i3-6300 ProcessorI3-6300CM8066201926905S R2HA945193S0
Intel Core i3-6300T ProcessorI3-6300TCM8066201927004S R2HD945205S0
Intel Core i3-6100T ProcessorI3-6100TCM8066201927102S R2HE945206S0
Intel Pentium Processor G4500G4500CM8066201927319S R2HJ945269S0
Intel Pentium Processor G4520G4520CM8066201927407S R2HM945298S0
Intel Pentium Processor G4400TG4400TCM8066201927506S R2HQ945362S0
Intel Pentium Processor G4500TG4500TCM8066201927512S R2HS945382S0
Intel Celeron Processor G3900TG3900TCM8066201928505S R2HT945383S0
Intel Celeron Processor G3920G3920CM8066201928609S R2HX945387S0
Boxed Intel Core i3-6300 ProcessorI3-6300BX80662I36300S R2HA945908S0
Boxed Intel Core i3-6300T ProcessorI3-6300TBX80662I36300TS R2HD945909S0
Boxed Intel Core i3-6100T ProcessorI3-6100TBX80662I36100TS R2HE945910S0
Boxed Intel Core i3-6100 ProcessorI3-6100BX80662I36100S R2HG945911S0
Boxed Intel Celeron Processor G3900G3900BX80662G3900S R2HV945912S0
Boxed Intel Celeron Processor G3920G3920BX80662G3920S R2HX945913S0
Boxed Intel Core i3-6300 ProcessorI3-6300BXC80662I36300S R2HA945914S0
Boxed Intel Core i3-6100T ProcessorI3-6100TBXC80662I36100TS R2HE945917S0
Boxed Intel Core i3-6100 ProcessorI3-6100BXC80662I36100S R2HG945918S0
Boxed Intel Celeron Processor G3900G3900BXC80662G3900S R2HV945919S0
Boxed Intel Pentium Processor G4500G4500BX80662G4500S R2HJ946003S0
Boxed Intel Pentium Processor G4400G4400BX80662G4400S R2HK946004S0
Boxed Intel Pentium Processor G4520G4520BX80662G4520S R2HM946006S0
Boxed Intel Pentium Processor G4500G4500BXC80662G4500S R2HJ946008S0
Boxed Intel Core i3-6320 ProcessorI3-6320BX80662I36320S R2H9946089S0
Intel Core i5-6400T ProcessorI5-6400TCM8066201920000S R2L1947201R0
Intel Core i7-6700T ProcessorI7-6700TCM8066201920202S R2L3947203R0
Intel Core i5-6600 ProcessorI5-6600CM8066201920401S R2L5947205R0
Intel Core i5-6400 ProcessorI5-6400CM8066201920506S R2L7947207R0
Intel Core i5-6500T ProcessorI5-6500TCM8066201920600S R2L8947208R0
Intel Core i5-6600T ProcessorI5-6600TCM8066201920601S R2L9947209R0
Boxed Intel Core i5-6400T ProcessorI5-6400TBXC80662I56400TS R2L1947546R0
Boxed Intel Core i7-6700T ProcessorI7-6700TBXC80662I76700TS R2L3947547R0
Boxed Intel Core i5-6500T ProcessorI5-6500TBXC80662I56500TS R2L8947548R0
Boxed Intel Core i5-6600T ProcessorI5-6600TBXC80662I56600TS R2L9947549R0
Boxed Intel Core i5-6600 ProcessorI5-6600BX80662I56600S R2L5947561R0
Boxed Intel Core i5-6400 ProcessorI5-6400BX80662I56400S R2L7947563R0
Boxed Intel Core i5-6600 ProcessorI5-6600BXC80662I56600S R2L5947568R0
Boxed Intel Core i5-6400 ProcessorI5-6400BXC80662I56400S R2L7947570R0

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