Intel to Introduce GPGPU Functions Into Westmere

Despite Intel's shelving of Larrabee (at least what we knew of the first version), the company still sees a future in offloading tasks to the GPU.

According to X-bit labs, Intel said last week that its upcoming Westmere processors will offload some of the video transcoding duties from the CPU over to the integrated GPU.

Both the Clarkdale desktop and Arrandale notebook will feature a dual-core 32nm CPU and a 45nm GPU on the same chip (but not the same die). Intel did say that systems shipping with Clarkdale and Arrandale chips won't initially support such GPGPU functions, but it will come at a later date through a driver update.

Of course, those with much beefier graphics chips from AMD or Nvidia will likely have little use for what Intel's IGP can do, but it's a good signal from Intel that the chip giant still believes in GPGPU utility.

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  • falchard
    What about when the other head is a complete retard?
  • jj463rd
    Intel CPU = Awesome
    Intel GPU= Sucks
    AMD CPU = Good
    AMD (ATI) GPU = Awesome

    I think I'll trust AMD's CPU/GPU integration.
  • JMS3096
    GPGPU on an Intel GMA IGP? Intel IGPs can barely handle the graphics processing that already gets thrown at them!
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  • cknobman
    Intel = FAIL
  • Zoonie
    2 heads ARE better than 1 :D:D:D ;)
  • falchard
    What about when the other head is a complete retard?