InWin Showcases Massive Robotic Diey Chandelier Chassis, Tiny and Cute B1 Case at CES 2020

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

InWin has always been known for its eccentrically designed cases. It had the completely beautiful aluminum Z-Tower that was more a sculpture than a PC, the crazy dynamic WinBot and now at CES 2020 it’s showcasing its latest and greatest design the Diey 10th Generation Signature Edition Chassis. 

This “butterfly” case looks just like a chandelier, but it’s far more than that. As standard it features no less than 80 bespoke plexiglass scales, all of which are controlled by robotic arms and individually illuminated via ARGB LEDs.

Underneath this shroud, the Diey has support for everything from Micro-ATX to E-ATX motherboards, can house multiple GPUs thanks to 8 expansion slots, comes with two power supplies (a 1200W and a 320W) its own custom 360mm AIO liquid-cooler, complete with 800mm extended tubing and an impressive amount of versatility to boot.

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

But there’s more than that too. It also has a built-in projector, support for both Alexa and Google Home, and has its own bespoke AI, that “recognizes natural interactions through facial detection, voice and hand gesture control.” It’s just beyond words, and likely beyond price tags too.

InWin B1 Mini-ITX PC Chassis 

PC gluttony aside, we also came across this rather impressive mini-ITX chassis as well, InWin’s B1 case. It’s a tiny little thing designed for integrated graphics systems primarily, but that didn’t stop InWin from having fun with the overall design. 

It features concentric rings, layered on top of one another, with gaps in between to provide solid airflow to the internal components, all of which is dust-filtered. Then on one side sits a tempered glass top panel, and on the other an opaque ABS finish to hide your cables, power supply and hard drives found in the rear compartment (of which the B1 supports 2x 2.5-inch drives). What’s neat about the B1 is that you can also orient it two different ways, thanks to the inclusion of both a vertical stand, and the attached horizontal case feet. It’s tiny too, with a footprint of just 108 x 302 x 238mm (4.3 x 11.9 x 9.4-inches).

As for hardware compatibility, sadly there's no room for a dedicated graphics card. Maximum CPU cooler height is 60mm, and there’s only a single 80mm fan included with the case too. You do get a custom SFF 80+ Gold 200W PSU included as standard.

According to InWin the B1 should be available around Q2 of 2020 for $85 or so.

Zak Storey

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  • mihen
    I love InWins cases. Just put together systems in an Inwin 905, A1, and Chopin cases this year. The Chopin case was my favorite. Very well laid out.