Iomega Corporation Ships New Double Layer DVD Drive

San Diego - New Iomega Super DVD 12x Dual-Format USB 2.0 Drive Reaches 8.5 GB Capacity Milestone

For those of you who have outgrown DVD-R/R+, Iomega Corporation announced that the new Iomega(R) Super DVD Writer 12x Dual-Format USB 2.0 Drive is now shipping. The innovative new DVD+RW/-RW drive adds the ability to store more than 12 CDs of data on a single 8.5 GB* DVD+R DL (double layer) disc, giving users an outstanding new tool for managing their videos, data, music and photos.

By using two recording layers rather than one, the new Super DVD Writer 12x Dual-Format drive can give users a total of 8.5 GB capacity on new DVD+R DL discs. Double-layer discs offer 80 percent more capacity than previous-generation 4.7 GB DVD discs.
The Iomega Super DVD Writer 12x Dual-Format USB 2.0 Drive is an excellent choice for virtually any writable disc format, including CDs, single-layer DVDs and double-layer DVDs.

Supported formats include DVD+R and DVD+RW (12x4x10x write, rewrite, and read speeds), DVD-R and DVD-RW (8x4x10x), and CD-R and CD-RW discs (40x24x40x). Ripping music CDs is also faster than ever, thanks to 40x digital audio extraction.

DVD+R DL is a "write-once" recording standard. A double-layer DVD+R DL disc contains two recording layers of organic dye film. The top layer is semi-transparent, allowing the recording laser to focus on either the top layer or the bottom layer. When the laser heats microscopic regions on one of the recording layers, it creates permanent dots in the organic dye film. The resulting data can be read in virtually any standard DVD player or DVD-ROM drive.

The Iomega(R) Super DVD Writer 12x Dual-Format USB 2.0 Drive is shipping now, with availability at retail, catalog, and online at for $249.95 (U.S. suggested retail).

The new drive is compatible with Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 98SE, 2000, Me, or XP; Mac(R) OS 10.2.7 or newer with a Macintosh G4 or faster with built-in USB 2.0 connection.

Dual-layer burnable DVDs are still pricey at around $15 EACH.

Source: Iomega Corporation
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