HIS Launches R7-260X iPower IceQ X² 2 GB Graphics Card

AIB partner HIS has announced its R7-260X iPower IceQ X2 2 GB GDDR5 that shares a number of common features with the identically branded R9-280X iPower IceQ X² it unveiled earlier this week. Although the graphics card only features stock clock speeds, its iPower design and IceQX2 cooler should provide users with considerable room for overclocking.

The former aims to allow the card to "carry more voltage" by including additional VRM phases and a DirectFET MOSFET. The latter consists of dual 75 mm fans, three 6 mm heat pipes and an "extra-large" 62 x 62 mm copper heatsink to provide quieter and cooler performance than the R7-260X reference cooler.

Additionally, the IceQX2 is rated for a lifespan of 50,000 hours; a noise level of under 28 dB "when watching movies, surfing Facebook [or] working;" incorporates a "special metal RIB" to strengthen the PCB; and user friendly overclocking through HIS' iTurbo software.

At the time of writing, HIS hasn't provided any information on the R7-260X iPower IceQ X²'s pricing or availability. Additional information is available at the product page.

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  • brazuka331
    they tried too hard on the name
  • Shankovich
    Pretty overkill for this card. Let's see this cooler on the 290X to raise that 73% performance limit! But with a third fan lol.
  • rolandzhang3
    Sounds cool for overclockers on a budget :D