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Job Simulator Gets Twitch Chat In-Game, A VR First

Owlchemy Labs released an update to its popular standing-scale VR game, Job Simulator, that introduces a first for a VR game: an in-game chat window that you can read while streaming the game.

“As part of our efforts to make VR more social, we wanted to add the ability for streamers to be able to react live to their viewers when broadcasting 'Job Simulator' gameplay,” Owlchemy Labs said. “When you’re inside VR, it can sometimes be hard to get to the information you need, so why not pipe it directly into the experience!”

Owlchemy is on a quest to pioneer social uses of VR. The company already added a spectator mode that gives the player an in-game movie camera that can be placed anywhere in the environment, or you can hold it in your hands, letting you play as the camera technician. Job Simulator also features a mixed reality mode that makes it easier to record yourself inside the digital environment.

Owlchemy Labs said that both of these features will help you share the experience of VR with others who haven’t yet had the chance to try it for themselves, and now you’ll be able to interact with your viewers as you play around within the game.

The Twitch chat screen appears in-game as a small square tablet. In typical Job Simulator form, you’ll have liberal freedom to do what you want with the chat window. You can scale the size up and down to make it easier to read, or you can just pick it up and look at it closely. You can also place it anywhere within reach of your controllers.

Owlchemy Labs said that the chat integration feature launched today in an automatic update through Steam. The update also adds the ability to put on a virtual hat! What can’t you do in VR these days?

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