Lamptron Creates GPU Support With Integrated 2.4-inch LCD

Lamptron HM024 GPU support
(Image credit: Lamptron)

Lamptron is something of a specialist when it comes to PC hardware monitoring peripherals. It offers nearly 20 different products to fill this niche with screens measuring 2.2 to 19.1 inches, plus special editions with touch functionality, others with mechanized swinging or rising into view capability, and even a Gundam special edition design. Now the firm has decided to hook onto the growing popularity of graphics card supports with the HM024-vertical GPU holder featuring a 2.4-inch PC hardware monitor.

(Image credit: Lamptron)

The Lamptron HM024 takes the form of a stand, with an LCD on one side. Though it isn't explained in publicity material or the official product pages, we understand that the HM024 will stand upright in your tower case. It helps support your hefty graphics card via a supporting insert, positioned and thumbscrew-tightened in one of the four long slots. As a physical support, it works by stopping any unsightly sagging and taking stress off your PCIe slot.

Once you are happy with the positioning of this stand and have connected it up as per instructions, you will be ready to fire up your PC and get to work.

To get the HM024 to be more than just a physical stand, users need only connect a single motherboard USB header to the microUSB port on the stand, according to Lamptron's list of product USPs (unique selling points).

(Image credit: Lamptron)

In the example images, Lamptron's HM024 appears to have an etched Asus ROG design above and below the rectangular 2.4-inch diagonal LCD to give it a bit more presence. Asus ROG is a popular brand, but it might not be a good match for your system. The 4-pin RGB cable, which isn't necessary for the monitor to function, will be used to light up the background to the screen and Asus ROG logos.

Meanwhile, the LCD works in concert with the popular AIDA64 monitoring software to show an abundance of essential stats like clock speeds, temperatures, fan speeds, etc.

Lamptron provides various software skins for customizing the display output. We spotted game, PC brand, and other themed monitor skins in its portfolio. Multiple UI designs are provided in a ZIP file with the product, but if you are artistic or just a tinkerer, it may be reassuring to know you can make your own designs.

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Stand Dimensions

160mm x 120mm x 60mm

Screen Dimensions

49mm x 37mm (screen)


240 x 360 pixels (60Hz)

Viewing Angle

120 degrees

DC Input



Micro USB

Last year Lamptron launched a graphics card support bar with an LCD called the HM022. Unlike the above HM024, this model adds support by virtue of being fitted into the PCI support bracket beneath your GPU. Its screen is even smaller at 2.2-inches, but it is available on at the time of writing for $129.99. We don't have pricing or availability in the US for the new HM024, but we expect it to cost $20 to $30 more.

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