LG Plans To Release New WebOS At CES

LG announced that it will release a new version of WebOS at CES that will be used on Smart TVs throughout 2016.

LG stated that there will be three new key features introduced in WebOS 3.0: Magic Zoom, Magic Mobile Connection and Magic Remote. The Magic Zoom feature simply magnifies objects on the screen. The Magic Mobile Connection software allows you to connect to the TV using the LG TV Plus app on smartphones and tablets. Once the smart device and TV are connected, you can then access mobile apps on the TV screen.

Magic Remote isn’t necessarily new to WebOS, but it was upgraded to support additional buttons and to make controlling set-top boxes easier. Several other features are also carried over to WebOS 3.0, including:

  • Channel Advisor
  • Multi-View
  • Music Player App
  • My Channels and Live Menu
  • IoTV App

Although it is nice to see new and improved software released onto the market, it is interesting to note that another WebOS 3.0 was released by HP in 2011. This was before LG purchased WebOS from HP and started using it on the company’s smart TVs. It isn’t clear how many features have changed between HP’s 2011 WebOS and LG’s 2016 WebOS, and it may cause some confusion for consumers trying to determine what is included in WebOS. We reached out to LG to clear up the difference between the two OSes, but LG said they would have to get back to us.

We expect to hear more from LG on the differences between these two operating systems and additional details on WebOS 3.0 closer to CES.

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Michael Justin Allen Sexton is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers hardware component news, specializing in CPUs and motherboards.
  • megiv
    I got an LG and WebOS is sooo slooow, and the built-in streamer sucks - it got many hangups and it doesn't support SRT subtitles...LG - I don't care for new features as long as the basic ones still don't work ! My next TV won't be WebOS based, that's for sure.
  • Haravikk
    It's nice to hear of continued development in WebOS; the performance of Javascript VMs has only improved since the last efforts, and there are new techniques that a dedicated team could employ to make it even faster (e.g- compile into reusable code optimised for each device, without losing the accessibility of HTML/Javascript development).

    I'm also a big fan of WebOS for spawning Enyo, which is a great Javascript toolkit; as an OS it just wasn't really quite ready, but I think that now the tools exist to make it much more powerful than before.
  • Icepilot
    Webbing a TV plus phone plus computer invites multiple access points to nearly every electronic thing you have ever recorded.
    Separate remote is just fine.