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What Do You Think of Lian-Li's PC-B16 and PC-A61 Cases?

Lian-Li has announced two new enclosures, though they are both remarkably similar. They'll be known as the PC-B16 and the PC-A61.

The cases will both feature the same internals. The PC-B16 will feature a normal front panel, while the PC-A61 will have a door in front of the front panel for extra sound dampening.

The internals of the cases allow for up to ATX size motherboards, full-size ATX power supplies, three optical drives, up to six 2.5”/3.5” drives (more when the optical drive cages are removed), as well as graphics cards up to 280 mm long with hard drives installed and 420 mm long cards when the required hard drive cages are removed.

One of the most notable features of the cases are the hard drive cages – they feature a wildly different design from what other manufacturers use. The cages are individually removable, allowing for all the drives that are in use to remain installed but still making for easy installation. It also allows the user to remove only the required drive cages to make room for longer graphics cards rather than removing the entire cage, or worse, having to deal with a non-removable cage.

Cooling is achieved by dual front 120 mm intakes, dual 140 mm top exhausts, and a single 120 mm rear exhaust.

In line with Lian-Li's recent efforts to be more connected to its customer base, it is taking feedback on its designs from you and me, so be sure to leave your comments below with any suggestions.

There was no word on pricing or a release date yet.