Lian-Li Enters The Peripherals Game

Lian-Li is best known for its extensive lineup of cases, and at CES this year, the company was in full force with a booth full of them. However, the company is also taking a step in another direction with a new set of products: peripherals, specifically keyboards and mice.

The main purpose of Lian-Li’s set of peripherals is to provide a matching color scheme to your Lian-Li case, so if you have a black case, then you can get a black mouse and black keyboard to complement it. The ones on display at CES featured green and gold variations.

Even though the keyboards and mice were still prototypes, it gave us with an idea of what they would look like in final production. Instead of the bulky mechanical keyboards that we’re accustomed to from many other companies, these were thin and had an aluminum casing. As for the keys, they seem to have chiclet-style switches. Overall, Lian-Li’s device almost resemble Apple’s own wireless keyboard.

As for the mouse, it comes with the usual two buttons and the scroll wheel. It seemed to be made mostly out of glossy plastic, but Lian-Li said that the material might change for the final product.

It’s obvious that these aren’t made for gamers. Instead, they seem tailored for a work-oriented setting. The peripherals have a simple design that isn’t too distracting, but it does provide some sort of uniformity with the color of the case.

In terms of the bigger picture, Lian-Li’s entry into the peripherals market is an indication that specializing in one area of computer hardware isn’t enough. Companies like Lian-Li are already well-known in the industry for a specific product, and it’s using that reputation to attract more customers to an entirely new set of items under the same name.

G.Skill, which was known primarily for system memory, recently came out with a set of peripherals: two gaming headsets, a mouse and a keyboard -- a first for the company. Another example is Corsair, which still has a reputation in cases and more recently led the way for RGB lighting on gaming keyboards, but is trying to push into the realm of living room systems with its Bulldog gaming system.

It’s still unclear if this will be a worthwhile investment for Lian-Li, as it’s entering a heavily-saturated peripherals market. Both products will still need some development and changes in production before they launch. Lian-Li didn’t specify a release date for the keyboard and mouse, but it does plan to sell both devices as a bundle for $45.

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  • dstarr3
    Oooh, this is exciting. I hope they stick with it, because I bet they'll end up making some really attractive, high-quality stuff if they invest enough resources into it.
  • thefiend1
    Make a silver variant with a smaller logo and ill gladly buy that keyboard. Been waiting on a silver, wireless aluminum keyboard for pc for awhile now.
  • bit_user
    I hope they release a mini-STX case, soon. IMO, that's the perfect format for an ARM-based microserver.

    I have 4 Lian Li cases, but I don't plan on buying any of their peripherals. However, I would consider buying a few other accessories, such as headphone stand. As long as this doesn't distract from their case development, I don't care.
  • Xivilain
    These complement their cases well. I'm sure they will sell well. - Also, its nice to see more silver/white/aluminum choices, rather than Black peripherals. More diversity is better.
  • turkey3_scratch
    $45 - nice.
  • demonkoryu
    So they're bringing shitty Mac keyboards to the workplace. Got rid of mine for a mechanical typing keyboard in the first place. Shrugs
  • thundervore
    So I guess they are not making enough money on their expensive cases so now they decide to sell expensive peripherals.

    Im guessing it will be +$50 to a normal mouse or keyboard just for their branding.
  • brandonclone1
    those were some butt-ugly pictures. did you take them using a flip phone?
  • Max_x2
    There's always some space for better peripherals. Last time I looked for a new kb/mouse, I ended up keeping what I had. This ( ) is the closest one to what I wanted, but I was waiting for a deal, and forgot about it. And with Windows 10, bluetooth kb support is quite good, so I ended up switching to an older kb I had to put in the closet because it didn't play well with Win8, but that was in perfectly good condition.