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'Designed For Creators,' Lian Li Announces TU150 Compact Portable Case

Lian Li today announced its TU150 FlexATX, ahem, Mini ITX / Mini DTX compatible portable case with extra space for triple-slot graphics cards. Available with either a black anodized or clear anodized aluminum shell, and a carrying handle that pops into the lid rather than folding down upon it is the first updated feature of the new design.

Builders also get a 3mm-thick tinted tempered glass panel on the left side to show off their build quality and all the RGB-ness of their chosen components, where 3mm seems adequate for a panel this small. Meanwhile, an aluminum right-side panel with a strategically placed grid of vent holes hides cables. Push-release latches allow easy access to the builder’s choice of components.

Located between power and reset buttons at the front of the top panel, front-panel ports include a single USB3 Gen2 and two USB3 Gen1, along with headphone and microphone jacks.

A rear-panel power jack feeds an extension cable to the front of the case, where an SFX power supply can be mounted to a hole in the inward-stepped portion of the motherboard tray. Also viewable from this angle are the slide cover for the access hole of a protruding card bracket and a front fan that’s mounted between the steel inner chassis and aluminum outer shell.

Lian Li demonstrated the power supply position in a second image of the TU150’s right side, with the outer panel removed. The stepped-in portion that’s normally reserved for cable management is also where the power supply vents, which is why we said that right side-panel’s ventilation grid is strategically placed.

More space to stow cables can be found in a gap between the top of the inner chassis and its aluminum cover. This open space surrounds the mechanism for the pop-up handle.

TU150-WX / TU150-WA Specifications
Dimensions(W) 203mm x (H) 312mm x (D) 375mm
ColorBlack, Silver
Material1.5mm aluminum exterior (top/front/right side panel)/1.0MM SPCC interior
3.0mm tempered glass left side panel
Expansion slot3
Drives2x 2.5” SSD or 1x 2.5” SSD + 1x 3.5” HDD
I/O ports2x USB3.0, 1x USB 3.1 Type C, Audio ports (located on the top panel)
MB typeMini-ITX / Mini-DTX
Radiator1x 120mm (rear)
GPU lenght320mm
CPU clearance165mm
System Fan1x 120mm (front) + 1x 120mm (rear) + 2x 120mm (base)

The TU150 is available in the USA for pre-order today, with shipments expected in about a month.