Logitech Acquires Astro Gaming For $85 Million

Logitech brought another company under its umbrella today. Logitech G general manager and vice president Ujesh Desai announced via the Logitech blog that the company acquired Astro Gaming for $85 million in cash.

According to a subsequent press release, the acquisition of Astro allows Logitech to branch out to the console player market, specifically in terms of audio. Astro is well-known for its lineup of gaming headphones, from the new entry level A10 ($60) to its top-of-the-line A50 ($300) headset, which was updated last year. Even though these headphones are targeted towards console gamers, they're still compatible with PCs.

Desai mentioned in the blog post that even though Astro has a new owner, its brand name and its products will stay the same. When the deal closes and Astro enters the Logitech family in August, it will put Logitech in competition with other console headphone brands such as Turtle Beach, Steelseries, Lucidsound, and Razer, to name a few.

The acquisition of Astro isn’t the only major financial purchase from Logitech in the past year. Last September, the company bought Saitek, which produces flight and space simulator controllers, for $13 million. Saitek was previously owned by Mad Catz, which at the time was still operating despite heavy financial losses. Mad Catz eventually filed for bankruptcy earlier this year and ceased operations entirely.

  • mrtouchngo
    I was really glad when Logitech bought Saitek. Their quality dropped noticeably after their acquisition by Mad Catz (as did their customer support, apparently). Logitech is much better in both regards.
  • 10tacle
    I still have my Saitek Aviator flight sim joystick from 7+ years ago. It has served well and has a quality build (heavy and doesn't move on the desk). I'm just glad Logitech reversed their decision several years ago to pull out of the gaming peripheral market. That would have been a huge mistake and missed market opportunity. I love my Logitech G27 and G920 wheels and mice and keyboards.

    Glad to see them take over Saitek as they have great flight sim yoke and rudder pedal products.
  • DerekA_C
    Saitek stole my commander speedpad unit during an RMA F**K those guys glad they are gone I never bought another Sh*ttek again. They ignored my emails and hung up on me when I called and my tracking number verified it arrived to them not enough for a suit but still a lesson learned. I have been Logitech exclusive since and wrote a long description to Logitech for a similar controller if they could make it with a real joystick and other such things and low and behold Logitech came out with g13 which I game on every day. but I wrote them again with a redesign on it with romer keys modular joy and d pads for both sides to be switchable one at a time or both with for ambidextrous and wireless capabilities kind of like the g903 and charging pad. I bet we will see it sooner or later.