Logitech's G Cloud: A $349 Android Powered Game Streaming Handheld

Logitech G Cloud
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Peripheral giant Logitech has dipped a toe into the teeming handheld streaming console waters with the G Cloud, a Steam Deck/Nintendo Switch lookalike with seemingly unimpressive specs but a nice range of apps from Xbox, Stadia, GeForce Now, Steam Link, and presumably any other streaming service with an Android app.

Inside the machine, which takes the Switch form factor that’s so hot right now, there's a Snapdragon 720G from 2020, as seen in the Samsung Galaxy A52 and Realme 8 Pro smartphones. It’s hardly a top-end chip despite having eight cores (two Cortex-A76 and six Cortex-A55) and is wired up to 4GB of RAM and an Adreno 618 GPU. There's 64GB of internal flash storage too, augmented by a Micro SD slot.

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Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld Specifications
CPUSnapdragon 720G
Row 1 - Cell 0 Arm 2 x A76 (2.3 GHz), 6 x A55 (1.8 GHz)
GPUAdreno 618 750MHz
Storage64GB UFS Flash
Row 5 - Cell 0 MicroSD Supporting SDXC
Display7” 1920x1080 FHD(1080P)IPS 16:9
Row 7 - Cell 0 450 nits Brightness
WirelessWi-Fi 2X2 MIMO, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz/5GHz
Row 9 - Cell 0 Bluetooth 5.1, Support aptX
PowerQC3.0; PD3.0; 18W
Battery3.85V 6000mAh
Row 12 - Cell 0 ~12 hours cloud game play time (under normal play condition, 50% volume and 50% brightness)
Dimensions256.84mm x 117.21mm x 32.95mm

The internal storage matters less when you consider that the G Cloud isn’t made for playing games locally, although it should be able to play many games available on the Play Store. Logitech's G Cloud runs Android 11, and uses streaming apps and its Wi-Fi 5 connection to bring the action to its 1080p IPS screen, which measures seven inches across its diagonal and has 10 finger multi-touch.

Around the back, you’ll find a single USB Type-C port, but there's no video output specified, so it looks like being a purely handheld device with no capacity for docking with a larger display. Controls come in the form of two analog sticks, a D-pad and face buttons, along with gyroscope-measured motion controls and haptic feedback from two motors.

Dimensions are 10.11 x 4.61 x 1.30 inch (257 x 117 mm x 33 mm) making it smaller than the Steam Deck but larger than a Switch, and weighs in at 16.33 oz (463g). Being an Android device, we’d be surprised if it couldn’t manage media streaming apps alongside the gaming ones. A ‘tablet mode’ alluded to in Logitech’s FAQ also suggests a gaming launcher that can be removed to reveal a classic Android home page underneath. Battery life can be up to 12 hours depending on usage.

While nice looking - Chinese company Tencent Games had a hand in the design, as revealed in a leak last month -  the device doesn’t do anything you can’t do with an Android phone/tablet and a Bluetooth controller, and even a Raspberry Pi can be charmed into streaming most of these services. And at $349.99 (a preorder discount is in effect that brings this down to $299.99 or possibly less with a Logitech G promo code) you might be better off with one of the best tablets and a controller, or one of the Steam Deck rivals.

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  • -Fran-

    Anything that is ARM-based and it's not a Nintendo system, it's instantly useless for anyone with a decent phone and a brain capable enough to get a BT controller for it. Between carrying your phone and this thing over just your phone and a controller (which should be smaller than this and add battery life for the phone), I don't know what to tell you.

    You missed your chance, Logitech. There's a reason nVidia didn't continue with the Shield or Steam with theirs.

  • Wisecracker
    Smells like a "Data-Miner Extraordinaire " . . .
  • Pollopesca
    $50 more and you could get a Steamdeck that has the power to run games locally. This is a hard sell.
  • gggplaya
    I'd rather carry around a tablet with a separate controller. You get a bigger screen for playing cloud gaming, and it would be cheaper than $350. You can use a leftover xbox one or ps4 controller.
  • hotaru251
    ya...logitech this will flop.

    its way too much $ for too little when a lil bit more gets u steamdeck which can function as a computer & play local games.
  • Kamen Rider Blade
    You might as well buy a Nintendo Switch at that price.
  • samopa
    Kamen Rider Blade said:
    You might as well buy a Nintendo Switch at that price.

    And a Nintendo Switch will give you multiplayer capability (Super SmashBross, MarioKart, etc.)