Crucial Reveals Memory for New Mac Pros

Crucial is among the first to announce aftermarket memory for Apple's new Mac Pro systems. The memory is designed with high-density in mind, and will come in capacities of up to 16 GB per DIMM.

The memory modules run at a frequency of 1866 MHz, and have ECC and SDP support.

"Mac Pro computer users frequently handle large datasets across a very broad range of applications, and often they need to do this simultaneously which can slow down their systems. This is when having an abundance of DRAM available is most beneficial, since it will help drive productivity to new levels," said Michael Moreland, worldwide DRAM product marketing manager, Crucial. "Our modules are extensively tested at both the component and module level to guarantee a premium quality product specifically designed for the new Mac Pro workstations. This enables Crucial to deliver memory with the highest densities and fastest speeds, all guaranteed to work at optimum levels in their Mac Pro system."

The DIMMs will come with a lifetime warranty and are already available through Crucial. The 32 GB kit (2x 16 GB) will set you back $439.00.

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  • Mrbusdrv
    "RAM memory"? Seriously?
  • chuckydb
    Mac memory...
    That means regular Ram, but with a high price, am I right?
  • john768
    Reminds me of the Mac specific 7950's that came in white and had a reference cooler and had a $250 premium on the after market cooled ones.