Maingear Announces New Core i9-12900KS-Equipped Gaming Desktops

With Intel's Core i9-12900KS launch date fast approaching, Intel's partners are getting ready to add the new CPU to its prebuilt desktops. Maingear is one of the first to announce integration, with 12900KS coming to three of its current desktop configurations: the VYBE, RUSH, and R1 Razer Edition. The 12900KS will serve as the most powerful Intel CPU configuration for each of these pre-built desktops.

The Vybe series is Maingear's cheapest pre-built to pack the new special edition CPU. It is built around a mid-tower ATX chassis featuring a tempered glass side panel, with options for air cooling, all-in-one liquid coolers, and an option for a custom loop. Starting price for the Vybe is $1599 for the base spec (not including the 12900KS).

The R1 Razer Edition steps things up a notch, featuring a Razer-themed Tomahawk A1 tempered glass ATX mid-tower chassis that is RGB illuminated on the bottom. If you like Razer's green color theme, this is the desktop for you. However, there is no custom loop option with this pre-built. The only options are for air cooling or an AIO liquid cooler for the CPU. Starting price for the R1 Razer Edition is $1,699 (again without the 12900KS).

Maingear Rush

(Image credit: Maingear)

The Rush desktop is Maingears' most extravagant configuration of the three that will feature the 12900KS. Based on a Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL E-ATX Full Tower chassis, tempered glass is everywhere, with options for tons of additional RGB chassis fans. Options for this pre-built include your typical air cooling as well as an AIO liquid cooler, but also include an option for a complex custom loop configuration that comes with a large distribution plate in the front of the case for everyone to see. Starting price for the Rush is $2,299 (without the 12900KS).

Maingear has not added the i9-12900KS to its configuration utility just yet, so we don't know how much this chip will actually cost with all three of these pre-builts. But, the official recommended price will be $739, so expect an additional $740 price hike, roughly, for each of these desktops once it is available.

The 12900KS should officially arrive sometime around April 5th, with Intel announcing a live stream discussing the new CPU on that exact date. The new chip will be Intel's new flagship CPU for the Alder Lake generation, packing the highest core clocks of any Alder Lake CPU.

Core clocks are estimated to be at 5.5GHz for its single-core turbo, plus an all-core turbo frequency of 5.2GHz. According to preliminary tests, these higher clock speeds appear to make the 12900KS 11% faster than the standard 12900K in multi-threaded tests.

For now, all the core specs we know about have been based on leaks and are not official. We will know more about this CPU's official specifications during Intel's live stream early next week.

Aaron Klotz
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