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Maingear Eyes DIY Builders By Selling Standalone PC Cases

Maingear is typically known as a boutique desktop and notebook maker, offering pre-built PCs that customers can configure based on their budget. These PCs typically have a plethora of hardware options spanning from the CPU to the PSU. What we have yet to see is Maingear selling its cases without all the hardware packed inside. As of today, that has changed.

The company is now going after the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) crowd by serving up its most popular cases. These include the Shift, Potenza, F131, Drift, Rush, Force and Torq models. Customers can personalize these cases by ordering custom color combinations found in the Maingear palette, or by supplying automotive color codes. Customers can even get their artwork laser engraved on the side.

Out of the group, the Shift case has the highest starting price at $499. As with the company's desktops, customers have a number of options to choose from such as the exterior finish, the interior finish and chassis lighting. Customers can also configure the case with processor cooling and a power supply. Additional optional gear consists of a portable tool kit and a nifty shirt.

As an example of what to expect when configuring one of these cases, the Shift can have an Alpine White automotive paint finish for $399 extra. For another $299, customers can get the same finish on the inside. Want the chassis to be nice and glossy? Add $50 to the total. Lighting can be provided by LED light strips that cost $39 each and consist of Amber, Blue, Purple, Red, Ultra Violet or White colors. There's even a light strip that can be changed by remote control ($74.99).

With all of the above, customers can find themselves with a customized chassis that costs more than purchasing a pre-built gaming desktop. The Torq case has the smallest starting price tag of $100, followed by the Rush case ($110), the Drift case ($155), the Potenza case ($210), the F131 case ($220) and the Force case ($349). The Torq is the smallest of the group, whereas the Force case is the tallest.

"Our selection of DIY cases gives everybody the ability to build and create a truly unique system that reflects their personality," stated Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of Maingear. "This is the first time Maingear has offered its customization capabilities and unique cases for non-full system buyers."

To configure and order a case from Maingear, head here.

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