50% Off Mass Effect This Weekend on Steam

In case none of our deals yesterday interested you, you can always pick up Mass Effect at 50 percent off from Steam this weekend.

Steam is offering Mass Effect for $10 (that's £6.49 for our UK readers) all this weekend. It might be a couple of years old but Mass Effect is a sterling game, especially for the PC. Those of you who have never played (pretty nice set up you got under that rock, dude), would do well to make this investment.

Have a great weekend guys!

  • ominous prime
    Damn, and I paid 50$ for it and never really played it. Guess I'll give it a go again now that you've reminded me Miss McEntegart.

    Although I'm rather addicted to Dragon Age Origins, Bioware makes some great games, and some very PG sex scenes, lol.
  • kyeana
    Those of you who have never played (pretty nice set up you got under that rock, dude)

    And another laugh out loud moment it is!
  • krispy104
    Well the rock can use some remodeling but it is nice ;)
  • ssalim
    Not so old but great game. Only single player if I'm not mistaken.
    If it had multi, I would buy.
  • tester24
    I paid 20 last month, sigh oh well. I hope that they will come out with ME2 on the 360 as well as PC.
  • Computer_Lots
    This is like the 50th Steam story I've read here. Are they advertisers or what? Not that there's anything wrong with that. Tom's gotta eat :)
  • Boycotted the game because of DRM issues.

    DRM removed and $10, sold, just bought it.
  • anamaniac
    I torrented the PC version, but it was too riddled with bugs so I bought the console version... but this is mighty tempting still.
  • Eh, I bought the retail version for $16-$17 once they removed the activation limit. It turned out to be an awesome game. I would have paid the release price if the DRM hadn't been so strict.
  • False_Dmitry_II
    I'd have pirated it for the DRM issues. I didn't bother cause I had already played it on 360 where there aren't any.

    But that sounds like a nice price for new people.