Matrox releases desktop management software for multi-monitor users

Matrox Graphics has released a free desktop management utility that lets users organize and save application positions. Matrox PowerSpace works with Matrox multi-display cards and can create up to nine workspaces per display. Workspaces can be toggled on or off via keyboard shortcuts or the PowerSpace task-bar icon.

Hard-core users, like those who dabble in day-trading or scientific applications, often have dozens of open windows spread throughout their monitors. Opening and positioning those windows can take a lot of time, but with PowerSpace, users can set up workspaces with certain sets of applications. For example, a financial user could save one workspace with a quote windows in the left monitor, financial news website in the center window and an order system in the right window. The same user could have another workspace in the evening for gaming or just basic web browsing.

Inside of workspaces the names of applications, along with their window positions and sizes can be saved. Users can designate a particular workspace to automatically open upon login. PowerSave also has an Import/Export feature to save workspaces to other computers.

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