Microsoft Puts Fluent Design on iOS, Android and the Web

Fluent Design, Microsoft's collection of design practices, has previously been limited to Windows. With the company's expansion onto all platforms, however, it only makes sense that at its Build 2019 developer conference here in Seattle that it's brining Fluent to iOS, Android and the web.

While some tenants of Fluent Design have made their way to mobile apps already, Microsoft is now providing tools and resources to developers to make that easier. Those can be found by starting at the company's new Fluent Design page and clicking to iOS, Android, the web or Windows for resources. 

Options from Microsoft's Fluent Design website. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Those resources include fonts, interface guidelines, app icon guidelines and toolkits.

A representative on the Fluent Design team here at Build told me not to expect any immediate visual changes to mobile apps or the web, but rather that this is part of Microsoft's plan to make its applications cohesive across platforms. One described it as "iterative consistency" and part of a long term plan.

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