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Microsoft Launches Major Minecraft Update For Consoles

Microsoft released a major update for the Minecraft: Console Edition game today, which will be pushed out to all major game consoles, including the Nintendo Wii U.

The update adds a ton of new items to the world of Minecraft. Included in the update are new block types such as granite, red sandstone, sea lanterns, slime and packed ice for building and decorating your Minecraft masterpieces.

In addition to the new blocks, Microsoft also added new potions, mobs and biomes to the already extensive game world. Players will also have access to several new types of flowers such as blue orchids, sunflowers, azure bluets, tulips, lilacs and other plants in order to make gardens.

The update is not limited to the Xbox version of the game, and it will appear on various Playstation consoles, too. The Nintendo Wii U, which just saw the release of Minecraft: Console Edition earlier this week, will also receive the update. The PC version is the only platform that will not receive this new content update.

The update is rolling out now, so if you are interested in checking out the new content, make sure you update your game before playing.

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