Microsoft Offers Same-Day Windows 10 Upgrade For Your Windows Device Or You Get A Free Dell Inspiron 15

Microsoft’s offer of a free Windows 10 upgrade ends in a little over a week. However, the company is still attempting to attract more people to the new operating system with a new promotion. You can bring your Windows device to a local Microsoft Store and get a same-day upgrade to Windows 10. If Microsoft cannot upgrade the device to Windows 10 by the end of the business day, the company will give you a free Dell Inspiron 15 laptop.

Obviously, there is a caveat to the deal. You must check the device in at the store’s Answer Desk before 12 p.m. local time. If the device isn't compatible with the new OS for some reason, then Microsoft will recycle the device and offer you $150 towards the purchase of a new PC. However, that promotion has its own set of rules as well, chief of which is that the device needs to be on a Windows 8 or newer OS. Your device also needs to meet the following qualifications to be eligible for recycling if the Windows 10 upgrade doesn’t work:

  • You must own the qualifying device.
  • Device must power on
  • Battery must hold a charge and not require being plugged in to operate.
  • The device must be in fully functional, working condition without broken/missing components. A cracked display/housing, liquid damage, modification(s) or broken warranty seals are disqualifiers.
  • Cannot be password protected and must include the device’s original chargers and accessories.
  • The device must contain a hard drive.

In addition to these promotions, Microsoft continues to improve its latest OS. As we found out last month, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update comes out on August 2, days after the free Windows 10 upgrade promotion is over. Xbox One owners will also see some updates to the console, not to mention the fact that the 2 TB variant of the Xbox One S comes out on August 2 as well. The highly anticipated update will include updates to existing features such as Windows Hello and Cortana, but it will also introduce new tools such as Windows Ink.

  • DrinkTray
    MS getting desperate.
  • HyperMatrix
    Yes...most successful Windows OS ever. Most used OS on steam survey. Given to existing users for free. Must be desperation. They really need you to not pay them and have that free OS or they'll go out of business.
  • Kiril_Petkov
    There is no free update you have to own Windows(X) already if you want to upgrade it to Windows 10. This promotion is orientated to users who don't have the skills to upgrade/install OS them self. It is good feature, but I doubt is for all country's. It is good for some people that want Windows 10, for me personally I will stuck to Windows 7 until 2020(end of support).
  • falcompsx
    "They really need you to not pay them and have that free OS or they'll go out of business."

    Um, no. Microsoft could give consumers windows for free for the rest of time and they'd still rake in cash. They make a huge percentage of their money from enterprise software and services. One SQL server can be worth more that 1000 consumer installs (or more) of windows 10 if core count is high enough.
  • ohim
    They might look desperate but in reality they try to battle all the hard skulls that recommend not to upgrade to Win 10 and stay on 7. While this thing is logical to a degree since some software requires a certain version of Windows or older PCs with some strange hardware not having the required Win 10 drivers, this does not apply to the majority of people. And they are trying to push this because Win 10 changes how Windows as an OS works, with added Store and One Core for PC / Mobile / console.
  • Kiril_Petkov
    @ohim then make it "real" free like the other OS not some "free" period if you already have Windows OS X. Windows 10 drivers still cause more issue then provide stability/performance specially if you have some high end peripherals devices (sound cards, PCI com ports, PCI Wi-Fi, Printers, Scaners ofc if you ask MS that is because manufacturers don't have proper drives).
  • cats_Paw
    I always find funny that people argue about MS from the side of "they are good, its free, MS is great" or the "MS spys on you, stay away from Win10, etc" with arguments that MS probably never even though about :D.

    I just dont buy that MS is being generous here because in the past it was always fake.
    Games for windows live, Xbox exclusives, DX10 locked to Windows Vista...
    Its a profit oriented company and they have been caught (both morally and legally) to do bad moves for the consumer for profits.

    People seem to have very short memory, but the north remembers, and I am not going to trust a company with such poor track record when they are telling me that their last OS is "free".
  • wifiburger
    thank you I needed a Microsoft article to laugh at this morning,
    but seriously post more microsoft articles I love those :-)
  • wiyosaya
    To me, this seems pretty desperate as well as extremely hollow. As I understand it, one has to go to a M$ store which, as I also understand it, are pretty rare. Hollow offer from an increasingly hollow company, IMO.
  • surphninja
    18298959 said:
    Yes...most successful Windows OS ever. Most used OS on steam survey. Given to existing users for free. Must be desperation. They really need you to not pay them and have that free OS or they'll go out of business.

    Yeah, it is desperation. Read any email about Windows 10 for the past year. They've been desperate to get to the target number of Windows 10 devices by such and such date, and they just recently had to say that they're not going to be able to pull it off (since Windows phones have flopped). Not to mention they've been kinda cheating by counting every xbox one in that count, and then there's all of the people they tricked into upgrading.

    I'm not surprised Steam has seen it become popular among users. There's a number of features for gaming that are only available on Windows 10, along with MS pulling support for new processors on older Windows.