MSI Releases BIOS Updates For New Intel 9th Gen 'KF' CPUs

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Today, MSI launched BIOS updates for its Z390, Z370, H370, B360, B365, and H310 motherboards to house seven new 9th-generation Intel Core processors that were announced in Intel's post-keynote press release. The list of newly supported processors includes the Intel Core i9-9900KF, Core i7-9700KF, Core i5-9600KF, Core i5-9400, Core i5-9400F, Core i3-9350KF, and Core i3-8100F.

As previously reported, processors with the "F" suffix are similar to their counterparts with the exception that the Intel UHD Graphics 630 (GT2) iGPU is disabled. Therefore, it doesn't come as a surprise that the new chips are still based around Intel's Coffee Lake microarchitecture and produced under the 14nm node.

MSI 300-series motherboard owners interested in picking up one of the aformentioned processors should update to the latest BIOS revision to ensure a problem-free upgrade process.

MSI Z390 Motherboards

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MotherboardBIOS Version
MPG Z390I Gaming Edge ACE7C04IMS.100
MAG Z390M MortarE7C00IMS.100
Z390-A ProE7898AMS.100
MPG Z390 Gaming PlusE7851IMS.110
MPG Z390M Gaming Edge ACE7BS0IMS.100
Z390I CorsairE7821IMS.100
MAG Z390 TomahawkE7818IMS.100
MPG Z390 Gaming Edge ACE7B17IMS.A00
MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon ACE7817IMS.100
MPG Z390 Gaming Pro CarbonE7817IMS.100
MEG Z390 AceE7812IMS.100
MEG Z390 GodlikeE7810IMS.100

MSI Z370 Motherboards

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MotherboardBIOS Version
Z370 Gaming PlusE7B61IMS.100
Z370 Gaming M5E7B58IMS.100
Z370M MortarE7B54IMS.100
Z370 PC ProE7B49IMS.100
Z370-OC ProE7B48IMS.300
Z370-A ProE7B48IMS.200
Z370 TomahawkE7B47IMS.100
Z370 Krait GamingE7B46IMS.100
Z370 SLI PlusE7B46IMS.A00
Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon ACE7B45IMS.A00
Z370 Gaming Pro CarbonE7B45IMS.A00
Z370 Gaming Pro ACE7B44IMS.100
Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon ACE7B43IMS.100
Z370 Godlike GamingE7A98IMS.A00

MSI H370 Motherboards

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MotherboardBIOS Version
H370M BazookaE7B24IMS.100
H370 Gaming PlusE7B22IMS.110
H370 Gaming Pro CarbonE7B16IMS.110

MSI B360 Motherboards

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MotherboardBIOS Version
B360M Pro-VHE7B53IMS.110
B360M Pro-VDE7B53IMS.110
B360M WindE7B53IMS.110
B360M FireE7B53IMS.110
B360-F ProE7B25IMS.100
B360I Gaming Pro ACE7B31IMS.100
B360M BazookaE7B24IMS.200
B360M Pro-VDHE7B24IMS.A00
B360M MortarE7B23IMS.100
B360M Mortar TitaniumE7B23IMS.A00
B360M Bazooka PlusE7B23IMS.H00
B360M Mortar Ilya MurometsE7B23IMS.200
B360 Gaming PlusE7B22IMS.210
B360-A ProE7B22IMS.210
B360 Gaming ArcticE7B22IMS.210
B360M Gaming PlusE7B19IMS.100
B360 Gaming Pro CarbonE7B16IMS.200

MSI H310 Motherboards

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MotherboardBIOS Version
H310-F Pro PlusE7C15IMS.100
H310M Pro-VLH PlusE7C14IMS.100
H310M Pro-VL PlusE7C14IMS.100
H310M Pro-VH PlusE7C31IMS.100
H310M Pro-VD PlusE7C31IMS.100
H310M Water PlusE7C31IMS.100
H310M Fire PlusE7C31IMS.100
H310M Pro-VH V2E7C31IMS.100
H310M Pro-V PlusE7C10IMS.100
H310M Pro-D PlusE7C10IMS.100
H310M Pro-VDH PlusE7C09IMS.100
H310M Pro-M2 PlusE7C08IMS.100
H310M-VDHP PlusE7C01IMS.200
H310-A ProE7883IMS.100
H310I ProE7B80IMS.110
H310I Pro ACE7B80IMS.110
H310M Pro-VLE7B75IMS.100
H310M Pro-VHE7B33IMS.110
H310M Pro-VDE7B33IMS.110
H310M Pro-DE7B33IMS.110
H310M FireE7B331MS. 200
H310M WaterE7B331MS. 200
H310M Pro-VDHE7B29IMS.110
H310M Gaming PlusE7B28IMS.100
H310M Pro-M2E7B281MS.A10
H310M Gaming ArcticE7B28IMS.H00
H310M Pro-VHLE7B27IMS.100
H310-F ProE7B25IMS.200
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