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MSI Gets Into The Controller Game With New 'Force' Series

MSI announced new gamepads, the Force GC30 and Force GC20, which are compatible with Windows, Android, and “popular” game consoles.

Though we are not sure to which “popular” consoles the company is referring , given the fact that these controllers are compatible with Windows 10, it's probably safe to assume MSI is referring at least to Microsoft's Xbox product line.  In fact, the Force GC30 and Force GC20 controllers bear a striking resemblance to an Xbox One controller. Anyone familiar with Microsoft’s pads will feel right at home with the layout of the Force controllers.

Unfortunately, details are extremely limited at this point. The product pages for both the Force GC30 and the Force GC20 are not yet active nor is there a controller category listed on the company website as of yet.

That said, we are still able to glean a few details from the press material provided by the company. Both controllers feature MSI’s signature black and red color scheme and are equipped with rubber side grips and dual vibration motors for haptic feedback. The 8-way directional pad comes with a magnetic metal cover that can quickly be installed to accommodate different game styles (FPS, RPG, etc.).

The Force GC30 features a removable cable for both wired and wireless use. (The cable is also used to charge the controller.) The Force GC20 has a non-removable USB cable that provides power and connectivity.

Although no pricing information was provided by the company, we believe it's safe to assume that MSI will price these new controllers comparable to Microsoft’s offerings at $60 for the wireless and $40 for the wired controller. Both controllers are expected to be available in Q4 2017.