MSI Announces Mystic Light Sync RGB Manager

Manufacturers are rushing to RGB all the things. Cases, graphics cards, motherboards, peripherals, and basically everything else you could pack into your system can be outfitted with LEDs capable of showing more than a million colors in a variety of configurations. Managing all that rainbow-colored hardware requires a management tool, though, and that's why MSI announced Mystic Light Sync for its MSI 200 series and AM4 Gaming motherboards.

MSI said its "mission is to help any gamer to customize their gaming rig perfectly to their liking with the ease of just a few mouse clicks." Mystic Light Sync is supposed to further that mission by making it easy to manage the RGB lighting of motherboards, graphics cards, DDR4 memory, and mice. Be warned, however, that you'll have to download the separate MSI Gaming App to change the lighting of your case and keyboard to match everything else.

The company laid out some lofty goals for Mystic Light Sync in a press release:

With the introduction of Mystic Light Sync, MSI’s solution to perfectly synchronize its own brand RGB as well as major brands’ RGB products in the market, MSI is laying down a perfect foundation and eco system for a long term and flawless RGB experience.

MSI also introduced a new landing page that explains the differences between its RGB lighting managers, displays components from other manufacturers compatible with Mystic Light Sync, and helps you pick the best motherboard for your needs. That last tool is really just a bunch of filters on MSI's lineup--the site asks you for your preferred chipset, form factor, and lighting preferences and then shows you MSI motherboards that fit your criteria.

The company also hailed the Z270 Gaming M6 AC in its press release as the newest board with Mystic Light and Mystic Light Sync. We hoped MSI would offer some more information about that board, which was announced in early March without a price or release date, but there was no such luck. The Z270 Gaming M6 AC doesn't appear in the list of products suggested by the new landing page, and the press release also didn't reveal anything new.

Nathaniel Mott
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  • Jeff Fx
    With PCs having become a commodity, manufacturers are getting pretty goofy trying to differentiate themselves. What matters is how well a PC runs games on your screen or VR headset, not colored lights inside your case.
  • nzalog
    Funny enough I'd buy buy something simply because it didn't have a ton of bullshit on it.
  • gio2vanni86
    I like my components to light up like a Christmas tree. I have a fascination with lights, this stems from going to raves or clubs and gloving with emazing light spectras. So i love this. And i encourage every component if possible to light up, makes me happy.