Mysterious GPU Could Be AMD's Next-Gen Big Navi Radeon Pro GPU

AMD Radeon Pro GPU
AMD Radeon Pro GPU (Image credit: Chiphell)

An unidentified Radeon Pro graphics card has emerged overseas in China. The graphics card, which appeared on the Chiphell forums, could be one of AMD's forthcoming Big Navi Radeon Pro offerings. But take this leak with a grain of salt.

Like AMD's other Radeon Pro SKUs, the mysterious graphics card retains the dual-slot design and a shroud with the characteristic blue and silver theme. Given the silver stripe in the middle of the shroud, it should be a Radeon Pro W-series card as opposed to a Radeon Pro WX-series model. The cooler itself doesn't resemble the existing designs on the Radeon Pro W5700 or W5500. Therefore, it's safe for us to assume that the enigmatic graphics card may be a next-generation RDNA 2 Radeon Pro graphics card. The sticker clearly states that this particular unit is an engineering sample so the final design could be completely different.

The Chiphell forum user covered the serial number for obvious reasons, and the barcode is too small to decrypt. However, AMD's Radeon Pro graphics card typically take after their mainstream counterparts. So far the chipmaker has released the Radeon RX 6900 XT, RX 6800 XT and RX 6700 XT so the graphics card in question is possibly based on one of the three launched models. If we had to take a guess, the graphics card is probably the Radeon Pro W6800. If so, then it should leverage the Navi 21 silicon, which is the die that AMD utilizes for the current Radeon RX 6900 XT and Radeon RX 6800 (XT).

Another sticker on the back of the graphics card points to Samsung 16GB, which alludes to the memory chips that are inside the graphics card. Sadly, this tiny bit of information doesn't help us decode the exact silicon that the graphics card is based around. The Radeon RX 6900 XT, RX 6800 XT and RX 6700 XT all employ Samsung 16 Gbps GDDR6 memory chips. There is also mention of "Full Secure TT GLXL A1 ASIC," which we haven't been able to decipher.

The user's photographs don't reveal the graphics card's power connectors or display outputs. AMD has been known to mix things up so the graphics card may offer standard DisplayPort or mini-DisplayPort outputs. However, the photographs show that AMD has finally endowed the Radeon Pro graphics card with a backplate. Unfortunately for us, it also blocks the back of the PCB so we can't dig deeper into the memory chips.

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