Nanoxia Builds New Chassis Capable of Housing Dual E-ATX Motherboards

Nanoxia Dual System Streaming Case
(Image credit: Nanoxia)

Nanoxia has just announced a new dual-system PC chassis that is capable of housing dual E-ATX motherboards in one of the largest cases we've ever seen. With a size of 19.6' x 17.3' x 23', this case can handle almost anything you throw it. Whether that be 18 hard drives, 480mm raidators and a custom loop, or full sized graphics cards for both systems.

The case is primarily designed for dual system streaming with one chamber housing your main gaming machine and the other holding your streaming system. However, the case can be configured as a single system chassis as well, with one chamber housing your main components, and the other housing a bunch of other equipment like hard drives and radiators for custom loops.

To fulfill your RGB needs, the case comes with eight ARGB 120mm fans pre-installed, plus dual ARGB controllers and a fan hub for easy management of those fans.

Aesthetically, the case is very clean with black painted brushed metal for the front I/O and the top of the case. The front and sides are covered with tempered glass to show off your system components and RGB fans.

Currently this case can only be purchased in Germany from three retailers: K&M Computer, Bora Computer and Schwanthaler Computer for 399 Euros. The company hasn't yet announced information pertaining to a release in the United States or elsewhere globally.

Aaron Klotz
Freelance News Writer

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