NEC demos 3D LCD at Cebit

Hannover (Germany) - We provided a glimpse of the display already yesterday in our Cebit preview slideshow. Today, NEC officially unveiled the 3D LCD as its Cebit highlight.

There were few details available about the display besides the fact that it is 42" unit that enables "an optical egression of the presented objects from the surface." The display actually utilizes a second, separate display that is placed horizontally on the floor to achieve a deep 3D experience. From what we saw so far, the effect, however, is only visible in detail if the viewer stands in a direct, 90-degree angle to the display. Even slight viewing angles diminish the effect and show a blurred image.

The second display also causes quite some glare on the main screen, making the 3D unit usable in environments without direct sunlight only.

NEC declined to comment on production plans and pricing of its 3D display.