Moms catching up with dads for electronic gifts

Port Washington (NY) - Market research firm NPD Group says Mother's Day gadget buying is catching up with Father's Day. Sons, daughters and husbands purchased over $865 million dollars in gadget gifts for mom, while $873 million in gadgets were purchased for fathers day. This represents a year to year increase of 9% for mothers versus only 3% for fathers.

Among the most popular gifts were digital cameras, MP3 players and car navigation systems, which all saw double-digit increases in sales over the previous year. 27% more digital camera units were sold to moms this year, while MP3 players sold 40% more units. The biggest unit gains were recorded at car satellite navigation systems, which jumped 300%.

Stephen Baker, IT analyst with the NPD Group, told TG Daily that some of the bigger purchases may not have been just for Mom's benefit. "Perhaps some of the dads gave a flat panel TV, so the rest of the family could also watch it," says Baker.

Personal viewing habits and the relative affordability of electronic gear means everyone can have their own camera, television or computer. "A few years ago, buying your mom a notebook computer would be unheard of, now mom wants to edit her pictures, so it's a sensible purchase," said Baker.

He compares this trend to early and expensive televisions that were a family shared gadget; however, as they became cheaper and easier to user, every member in the household starting buying them. "Today you have houses with more televisions than people," says Baker.

Baker also believes the Mother's Day trend has implications for regular electronics purchases. "Women are becoming more of a consultant for electronics purchases rather than abdicating that responsibility."

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